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How can you improve sex with a condom?

By Sarah Wednesday, October 16, 2019 - 19:47
To enjoy sex with a condom is easy - just get plenty of variety into your lovemaking. If you find condoms damper your sex life, the good news is that there are ways to make maximise your pleasure.

If you just stick to straight intercourse and not much else, you’re more likely to end up wishing the rubber wasn’t there.

To put it simply, guys who get a blow-job or hand-job too are more likely to be happy about intercourse with a condom, the recent US study of 1875 men reported. The more ways a man is stimulated outside of intercourse itself, the more likely he is to feel good about condom sex. And giving his partner a good time through oral sex or by hand is a pleasure booster for him too.

Comfy condoms

Men in the study kept daily diaries recording details on when they had sex, how good it was and when they used a condom. Researchers then analysed the 5249 times these men had vaginal sex with a condom to what it was that made sex with a condom great – or less than great.

For one thing, the condom needs to be comfortable. So it’s worth trying out different condoms to see what suits you best. Don’t just grab the first pack off the shelf, but experiment with different sizes and different materials to find what suits you best. And make sure you put them on properly too for maximum pleasure.

Her pleasure

Of course the intercourse itself matters too. The more intense it is and the longer it lasts, the more guys say they like it, researchers found. And obviously they’re happy if they have a great orgasm.

But guys are also more likely to enjoy sex if they feel their partner is having a good time, the study found. They get lots of pleasure from giving their partner oral sex. And if intercourse is uncomfortable for her, he’ll enjoy it less.

Sex spoilers

In fact guys are more worried about their partner’s discomfort then their own during sex with a condom. It seems the more pleasure the girl gets from sex, the better the guy will feel about the lovemaking experience.

Apart from worrying about the girl’s pleasure, problems getting hard are the second most likely sex spoiler a guy – and fretting about whether his penis is hard or wide enough.

Full package

The older a guy is, the more likely it is that he’ll enjoy vaginal sex with a condom, the study found. But that probably doesn’t really have much to do with either age or condoms, the researchers say. It’s just that older guys are more likely to be feeling comfortable in a long-term relationship, and that helps make them feel more sexually satisfied.

All in all, there are a lot more factors affecting how much a guy enjoys sex than just whether or not he wears a condom, the study concludes. Sexual pleasure is about the full package.

This article was first published on Aug 1, 2012. 

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Jackey Dikgale
Sat, 08/22/2015 - 00:21
I really cant feel that i am fucking when i have worn that ruber its too thick and i think i dont satisty my woman with condom on my to me if there was no STI's i was going to fuck without a condom bt oops
I'm forced to use a condom. I don't like it but I must avoid unwanted pregnancy and Sti. When I use a condom, I don't usually cum for a very long time and it wears out my partner.
Mon, 05/16/2016 - 20:42
Uhg, i hate the feeling of rubbee and lube inside my vagina thats why i have sex without condoms. Suggest any brands of condoms which is good that is available in philippines? ;) tyyy
Thu, 01/12/2017 - 11:10
my boyfriend told me this "I'll be wearing a condom so rock a little bit back and fourth after I finish okay?" ... what does this even mean ??!
king Nemo
Wed, 07/02/2014 - 14:40
I like condoms in a way that worry about unwanted pregnancy is not there. Second it delay my ejaculation which is good for my partner. Usually I come first and little later by her. But One problem is that while rocking in her vagina most often the rubber sheet comes in between head of the penis and the skin covering it which cause pain due to abrasive action occurring in between the surfaces of the head and the cover because of relative opposing movements. Request any good advice.
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