Love Matters

Ways to pleasure him

In this retro stop motion film with charming characters, Love Matters explains the various ways to pleasure a man – masturbating him, oral sex on him, intercourse with him and anal sex with him.

You can make love to a man in more than one way. Masturbation, oral sex, intercourse and anal sex are different ways in which a man can reach an orgasm. This stop motion film aims to explain how these four different ways can help you pleasure your man.


  1. Masturbation: Masturbating a man with your hands is called giving him a hand job. Rubbing or stroking his penis with your hands or fingers can make him feel aroused and also help him reach an orgasm. Pay attention to what he likes, that will make the process easier and more fun.
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  2. Oral sex: Stimulating a man's penis with your mouth is known as oral sex. It is also known as giving him a blow job or going down on him. Don't forget to use a condom, because unprotected oral sex can lead to sexually transmitted infections.
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  3. Intercourse: Intercourse means putting your penis in a vagina. Obviously, intercourse is not the only way to reach an orgasm. A man can get an orgasm by oral sex, masturbation or anal sex.
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  4. Anal sex: Some men like to have anal sex with their partner. It means stroking your anus with penis or a sex toy or inserting your penis into the anus. The anus, unlike the vagina doesn't lubricate itself. Therefore, it is very important to go slow and use lubricants during anal sex.
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