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Oral sex: Ecstasy or disgust?

By Ganesh N Monday, November 9, 2015 - 22:42
Oral sex: for some people, giving it drives them wild, receiving it is ultimate bliss. Others have quite a different reaction: ‘yuck’. We asked five young people an intimate question: is oral sex a no-no or a yes-yes-yes?

‘Oral sex changed our life’

Arvind (24), computer engineer:

I think any kind of sexual activity between two consenting adults should be okay. Who is to judge what is good or bad? I had an arranged marriage. I wanted to, but I never mustered the courage to take the initiative. I thought my wife had a very conservative mind-set. Finally, one day I popped the question, and hesitatingly she agreed.

I felt guilty when she said that she was doing it only because I wanted it. But our first act of oral sex changed our life for the better. I asked her about how she felt and this started our conversations on our likes and dislikes.

It was during those conversations that I discovered that earlier she too had wanted to explore oral sex with me. But she was worried about what I would think about her!

‘She was sick!’

Tushar (29), BPO employee:

I have been somewhat fixated on oral sex. It could be probably because of spending my adolescent years on a regular dose of porn. I soon realised that girls in the real world are not salivating at the sight of a man’s penis.

The first time I tried having oral sex with my girlfriend, she simply refused. After many months, I finally cajoled her in to it. However the sole incident turned out to be a major disaster. I ejaculated into her mouth without any warning and she was sick, throwing up all over me!

Over the years, I have realised that in all my relationships, this is one thing that I am obsessed with. I keep demanding from my partners. In fact my friends consider it strange but I like it better than having intercourse.

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‘Only when it’s reciprocal’

Arpita (29), bank worker:

Frankly, my first boyfriend had prejudiced my mind against it. He kept on insisting that I perform oral sex on him and when I resisted, he used to emotionally blackmail me. Finally, one day I gave in to him.

I realised how selfish he is when one time after yet another round of pestering, I told him that I wanted him to give me the same pleasure. He never came up with the demand and fortunately we broke up soon after.

I resolved that I would never have oral sex with any guy. However my current boyfriend changed my mind. He willingly went down on me and it was pleasurable. I don’t mind oral sex but it should be reciprocal.

-Arpita Mehta* (29), bank worker.

‘Power trip’

Shalini (27), HR professional:

I am not a prude. I have been in a few relationships but oral sex is a big put off for me. First of all there is a big risk of hygiene if your genitals are unclean. I don’t think it’s a good idea to mess with a part of your body that excretes waste.

Secondly, I also believe that most men want women to perform oral sex on them as a sort of a power trip. I believe it is degrading for women. I have ended quite a few of my relationships for this reason alone.

‘Oral sex for contraception?’

Aditya (22), businessman:

Let’s face it if you want sexual pleasure but don’t want to get your girl pregnant, then oral sex is can act as a contraception. I just love it!

I have been in many relationships. Trust me, girls are far receptive to the idea of oral sex instead of having actual sex, due to fear over pregnancy. Of course they like it more when they also receive it!

All names have been changed. Do you adore oral? Or does the thought make you queasy? Share your thoughts or experiences in comments or on Facebook.

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