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Can’t see a doctor for sexual health problems?

Male body
Even today it’s a big taboo for men to speak about their sexual health issues. Love Matters India spoke to young Indian men about their experiences with sexual problems.

Your story: First time masturbation

Making Love
First time masturbation experiences can be eye opening, pleasurable, embarrassing or even empowering. We asked some young Indians to share their first time stories…

How long before sex in a relationship?

Making Love
What’s the right time to get intimate with your partner? Love Matters asked a few young people how long they would wait for sex in their relationships.

Daring confessions: Our deepest fears in bed

Making Love
Are you worried about your performance or body while having sex? Love Matters asked few youngsters to share their deepest fears in bed. Here’s what they said…

Oral sex: Ecstasy or disgust?

Ways to Make Love
Oral sex: for some people, giving it drives them wild, receiving it is ultimate bliss. Others have quite a different reaction: ‘yuck’. We asked five young people an intimate question: is oral sex a no-no or a yes-yes-yes?