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Kissing in public: Cool or uncool?

By Gayatri Parameswaran Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 12:39
Lately, there's been a such a lot of hue and cry in India over couples kissing in public. We asks youngsters in Mumbai what they think about kissing in public – is it cool or uncool?

The Kiss of Love protest in Kerala kicked off a storm about public display of affection in India. Young people from Mumbai and Delhi stood up in solidarity of the protest. While some say the campaign has fizzled out, others believe it's the beginning of something bigger.

Love Matters took stock of what young Mumbaikars think about the topic -- is it cool to kiss in public? We got a range of responses:

"Of course it's okay. It's their choice!"

"As long as it's not too deep, it's fine."

"It's an expression of their love, so why not?"

"Sometimes my young niece and nephew ask me some questions. That's when I feel awkward."

... And many more responses. Watch the video and share it via Facebook and Twitter. Let people know what young Mumbai thinks about kissing in public!

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