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Drunk, forced to go anal

Rehan has been in a live-in relationship for two years with his girlfriend. A few weeks ago on a drunken night, she forced him to have anal sex. Find out more…

Rehan (name changed) is a 28-year-old assistant director in Mumbai.

My girlfriend (26) and I are open about sex and intimacy. We were at a stage where we could comfortably express our thoughts and opinions about everything to each other. We also shared a solid intimate relationship. She is attractive and fashionable and I loved her bold and positive attitude.

We were going steady and were happy with each other’s company. Both of us worked for a film production house and would often travel together for work. We would be busy working during the week and go partying with friends over weekends.

Too drunk to drive

Three weeks ago, a mutual friend threw a birthday party for her colleagues and friends. My girlfriend and I reached early at the club. We were in a good mood and started drinking.

After the party, we were both very drunk. I decided to let a sober female friend drive the car. I offered our friend to stay at ours that night and head back the next morning. My girlfriend didn’t like me inviting another female friend to stay over.

‘Sex cures bad mood’

I sat in the backseat going on and on about how incredible the evening had been. My friend was constantly laughing at the drunken conversations. When we reached home, I guided our friend to another room and wished her a good night.

When I entered our room, I could sense that my girlfriend was upset. We broke into a small argument but minutes later we were taking off our clothes and making love passionately – trying to be as quiet as possible. Sex really cures bad mood, I guess!

Go anal?

I don’t know if it was because of drinking, but she was really fierce that night. She dug her nails into my back and whispered ‘anal’ into my ear, biting it hard. I tried to calm her down, looking for reasons to turn down her idea.

We hadn’t really discussed anal sex earlier. None of us had brought it up and I wasn’t really interested in trying it. She started forcing me to get behind her. I couldn’t refuse. I didn’t like to hurt her feelings. I made up my mind to please her.

Painful moment

I used a lubricant on her and tried to relax her with foreplay and masturbation. I wanted it to be easy and enjoyable for her. Slowly, I tried to enter her from behind, missing several times. Finally when I entered, I found it painful. My girlfriend however enjoyed it and asked me to keep going.

Within few seconds, I withdrew and sat back breathing heavily. Honestly, I wasn’t ready and I didn’t really like it. I rushed to the bathroom to wash up and take a shower. By the time I got out of the shower, my girlfriend was already asleep.

A rift

The incident has created a rift between us. We haven’t been talking properly to each other since that night. We decided to discuss the issue as a mature couple, but haven’t yet been able to face each other.

I think we were too drunk that night. I tried to please her by agreeing to her idea but it had all turned out to be a mess. I hope we get over it soon. We might try anal sex again in the future, but only when we are better prepared and definitely not when we are drunk.

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