Shopping for a sex toy

Shopping for my first sex toy

Sunidhi decided to take the plunge and buy her first sex toy. She talks about her experience to Better Than Chocolate, a pleasure magazine by Lovetreats…

Sunidhi Verma (name changed) is a financial analyst from Bangalore.

First step

When my partner first suggested that we invest in a toy, I was shocked. Our sex life was fantastic. Why would we need a sex toy? Aren’t sex toys only used by perverts? And why ruin something when it’s already good?

But my husband was persistent. “I read some good reviews about this product called Rabbit Vibrator,” he said grinning ear to ear. “Come on. Don’t be a prude!” Well, that was it. I’d seen Carrie Bradshaw tout the Rabbit Vibrator on Sex in the City. I thought to myself, if it was good enough for Carrie, it was good enough for me.

Wrong impression

Naturally, as the ‘investment’ expert in the relationship, I wanted to take the lead on this new project. First of all, I wanted to know if this whole sex toy investment would be a risk-free operation. I was completely convinced that there was no legal way buy a vibrator (or any sex toy for that matter) in India.

But surprisingly, after a bit of online research, I realised that it was actually legal. As long as there were no obscene images on the packaging. Slowly, I was beginning to realise that I might have had the wrong impression about sex toys all this while.

Treat from lovetreats

My partner Rahul and I decided that this was a sign. And as luck would have it, a friend of mine recommended Lovetreats. Luckily, they are based in Bangalore.

After surfing through Lovetreats’ website, I was amazed by their product choices. A website that sold sex toys and yet did not make it look like it was sleazy. The best part was all their items were 100% legal.

Since both Rahul and I were complete beginners, we decided to talk to someone on their customer support chat. A lovely (and a very patient) executive called Ann answered all my questions and helped me pick out a sleek looking vibrator called the Amorino. They even had a review for the Amorino on their blog.

Ready for some more?

The rest, as the saying goes, is history. My ‘treat’ arrived in a simple brown box with no mention of the contents inside it or ‘Lovetreats’ anywhere. Inside the box, wrapped in lovely pink paper, was our toy along with user guides, a sachet of a water-based lube. Honestly, I forgot to order the lube and I felt that was very thoughtful of them. I also received a cute little postcard. Needless to say, I was one happy customer.

After using the toy few times, I was thrilled by the level of excitement and satisfaction it built. Perfect for a beginner like me and yet versatile enough to be used in the long run. Now I am on the website every few weeks to check if there are any other products to spice up our sex life. You should check them out too!

This article was originally published by Better Than Chocolate, a pleasure magazine by Lovetreats. To view or buy wide range of sex toys or other intimate products, visit lovetreats website at

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