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First time sex: top five facts

First time sex – you will never forget it! It can be scary, but also exciting and special. So it's important to have a nice experience. How can you do this? Find out in the fourth edition of our Top Five Facts. 
  • Pay attention to your partner, too!
    Is he or she enjoying it? Ask. Is he or she nervous? Try to reassure your partner by saying loving things. Does your partner feel insecure about you seeing him or her naked? Give compliments. Can you tell your partner doesn’t want to go any further? Respect his or her wishes.

    Listen to your own feelings and your partner’s: if you feel like you’re not ready for sex yet, don't ignore the feeling! You are the only one who knows when you are ready. Don't let someone talk you into it, and only have sex with someone you trust. That's the key to having a good time!
  • Build up slowly
    You don’t have to do everything straight away. Build up the excitement slowly, so you both get aroused. When a girl gets sexually aroused, her vagina becomes wet. This is important, because otherwise intercourse would hurt.

    For three-quarters of all young people their sexual explorations go in this order: first kiss, caressing under clothes, masturbating each other and finally intercourse.
  • Talk to each other
    The first time you probably won’t know quite what you should do. Pay attention to the way your partner responds. Does your partner moan? Does he or she guide your hand to a particular place? These are signs that you’re heading in the right direction! But often the signals aren’t so clear. So talk to each other about what you’d like to try or not. Many people find talking about it really arousing too.

    And don't forget to laugh! Humour and sex are a perfectly good mix!

    If you want to know more about making love to a woman, watch our animated video here...
  • It's not like in the movies
    Don't expect it to go smoothly from the very beginning. It’s possible that the girl will experience some pain when she tries to have a guy enter her for the first time.

    You might also have trouble putting on a condom – it’s a good idea to try it out beforehand! Or the guy might come really quickly as soon as his penis slips inside – or even before. Or the opposite – he might find his erection drooping because of the nerves.

    This is all completely normal. Take your time and talk about it. And try again. Don't take it too hard if it doesn't work out perfectly the first time – just keep on trying!
  • Pain
    For women, first time sex can be painful. That's because the hymen, a stretchy piece of skin that partially covers the opening of the vagina, tears or stretches to let the penis in. Or because the girl is nervous, so her vagina tenses up and that makes penetration painful.

    Sometimes the expectation of pain is what makes a girl tense up so sex hurts. If she’s really relaxed, aroused and wet, though, there needn’t be any pain at all – or at least it can be minimal. Take deep breaths and relax. Don't rush or force anything. 

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model.

If you've already had sex, how was your first time? And if you haven't yet, how do you feel about the prospect of losing your virginity? Leave a comment here or join the discussion on Facebook (we don't need to include your real name by the way).

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Janu, It can be hurtful, that is possible… but how much that no one can say. Which is why we say, choose your partner carefully, ensure that they know you, love and respct your body and are ready to pace their own excitement with yours. There is no hurry, get to know each other better, explore your body and the proceed to sex… when you are completely ready, relaxed and absolutely sure.
It was a pleasant experience... when i lost my virginity . It was one of the best day of my life 6 jan 2015 . He is a person on whom i can relay my life :) He made me so comfortable that time .
We can’t tell you this, neither you could know this anyhow or no one can know about this, and hymen can break because of any reason, unless your girlfriend herself didn’t admit or tell you about it ok? Clear your doubts read more here:
hi everyone!!! first time sex is a great feeling.. i never forget that. on my first night, this year, i really had a beautiful experience. it was a love marriage. but didn't cross the limits. as we both already knew each other. so there is no hesitation for romance. after completing the formalities of the first night by the family members, we both sat on the bed and chit chatted for half n hour. he suddenly took my right hand and made me to sit in his lap. slowly started pinching my hip. lifted me up and slowly said i love you.. gave me a lip lock by immediately. his neck was paining because of lifting me for 15 min. he placed me on the bed. again started kissing me on lips and my neck. he slowly kept his hands in my blouse from the hip. i know its the time for the sex. i holded his checks and gave a lip lock for 10 min. he opened my hooks of the blouse. my panty is watery. he bitted my lips. he touched my breasts and squeezed them very hardly and opened my bra. my panty was opened by me and he opened his clothes completely. i got nervous. he slowly told me. u my darling.. I'm your best friend. enjoy this.. don't be tensed. i got calm down. he played with my hair. later he opened my vagina lips and inserted his pennis. waaawww!!!! its an amazing feeling. i kissed his entire body. after few minutes, there was bleeding of my vagina when the hymen layer was teared. even i was painful, i enjoyed a lot. the main two things are the breast and vagina of the women which makes men more anxiety. all the best guys :-)
I too lost my virginity recently on 10th june 2014 it was lovely and painful but I could bare the pain because I lost my virginity with the one I trust and the one who really deserves to. I do remebr we tried to insert it all 4 or 5 days of intimacy finally we could do it when we both were little high. I could bare the pain under the affect of alcohol. when he was inserting for first time I bite his right chick so hard. ] thank god he didn't got mark on his face. it was painful and joyful too. I would like to tell everyone girls do loose ur virginity for the who really deserve.. !!! and I found a guy with whom m really comfortable doing it so. it bleed also for couple of days. but that's cool take it as a part of your love making. it was lovely to loose virginity.i clicked pics also .. it was first time and pretty special for me!! the first insertion will remained in memory for rest of life!!
Wow. Good explanation. Me too gng to have my first sex shortly. Everything is okay. What about position?? Which position will be best for time for both of them(wch feels less pain - it should satisfy both)?? For the first time whether guy will also feel immense pain (like bleeding )?
My first time.. she was vwry wet and we had no problem.. in inserting ..she had not much was all pleasure.....but i doubt weather she was a vegin...cuz neither i or she had no problem pushing my cock inside her..
m still virgin nevr evn masturbatd.. I love some n m in relatnshp with him nw. He is nt virgin. N i dnt knw bt i scar of having sex .bt i too want to do it.
Mai 25 year ka boy hum maine avi tak sex nhi kiya kyonki apni wife ke sath hi mai vi apna virginity loss krna chahta hun or savi girls ko krna vi chahiye mere jase ladke ke sath hi first time sex.....
I can insert my finger but i m unable to penetrate her with penis.. she feels a lot pain when it try.. her cries scares me n melts me.. now what to do ! we both r virgin ,Would Using a lubricant be enough to insert the penis? what wud be the best position to penetrate with least pain..? Plz help
Yes use of lube may help, no doubt. BUT the issue is perhaps you both are not ready for sex or penetrative acts just now? Maybe you are nervous she is tense and thus you both are uncomfortable wit each other. I would say – take a step back- realize what you guys are looking for, get comfortable and intimate in many other ways… and then think of penetrative sex. There is no hurry at all my dear… take your time.
Sat, 08/15/2015 - 16:04
when I first time sex with my gf she is don't allow me to have sex. Slowly I kissed her lip & then I put hand to her breasts & then to vagina. I fell that her vagina was wet. Then I started sex with her. After having sex we are happy.
raj sohil
Mon, 08/24/2015 - 00:57
first time sex is the certificat of true love.. ur partner support is important . my love and my first night is owsam....
Relax bete hymen can be torn or stretched in lots of ways without having any kind of sex, or any Sports like cycling, horse riding. Clear your doubts read more here:
Pehli baar sex kartaye samaye kya karna hai kya nahi karna hai, aur first sex ko kese theek tarah se kiya jaye is bare mein aap yaha detail mein padh lijieye : Saath hi sex activity mein alag-alag tariko ka istemal kartay huay isse kese aur majjaydaar banana hai is baaray mein yaha padhein: Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare disccsion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
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