revenge after breakup

My brother beat my ex boyfriend

Everything was going fine with Sonal and Krish until one day when Krish decided to break up with her without giving any solid reason. Sonal couldn’t bear the loss and took this drastic step.

*Sonal, 27, a sales executive, told her story to Partners in Law Development.

Just like that

Krish and I were colleagues and good friends. Soon our friendship blossomed into a sweet loving relationship. Life was good. However, after a few months, he started feeling that our relationship was going nowhere. To me, there was no apparent problem.

And then, one fine day, he just declared, ‘This is over.’ Just like that!

I could not understand as there were no fights or misunderstandings between us. ‘Let’s talk things out and resolve whatever issues we have,’ I suggested. But he was completely over us.

He stopped talking to me. He would not even look at me and blocked me from everywhere. It hurt.

Hear Sonal’s story in her own words in the video below:

#MustYouHarm Handling Rejection: Sonal

Seeking help

He also started talking negatively about me to everyone. He complained to his supervisor, ‘This girl is not leaving me alone!’

I was furious! I mean how can you just cross someone out of your life and then pretend as if nothing happened.

I was wild! I told my brother and shared with him our Whatsapp chats, our photos, everything. I wanted to let people know that I’m not insane. I wanted to show others that he too used to message me every two minutes!

Black and blue

It drove my brother mad! He landed at Krish’s house, without telling me, and beat him up black and blue.

Did I know that if I shared stuff with my brother, it would lead to this?

People ask me, ‘Do you think he deserved this’? Maybe not.

Or what the hell... maybe he did!

Anyways, he got just a few physical bruises, which will heal soon. What about my inner scars? Aren’t they tough to get over?

*Based on real-life stories. The person in the picture/video is a model. Names have been changed to protect their identity. 

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Bitupan Kalita
Thu, 03/07/2019 - 09:34
She and her brother should be arrested...every one has a rite to break up if things are not working out.... Fir shud be lodged against her n her brother
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