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When I first kissed a woman

Sexual Diversity
When Palak moved in with Roohi as her roommate, she really liked her a lot. One day Roohi asked her if she had ever kissed a woman. Want to know what happened next? Read their story below.

Why women choose abortion: 10 common reasons

Unsure about being pregnant?
Abortions are most often a result of unwanted pregnancies. Love Matters brings you 10 common reasons why women or couples seek abortions.

I was in Vikram's arms, but thinking of Priya!

Sexual Diversity
Nisha lay awake in Vikram’s arms, thinking of Priya. She kissed a girl and loved it. Should she tell her husband about it?

Does Unwanted 72 or IPill delay your periods?

Birth Control
If your periods are delayed for more than three weeks after taking the emergency contraceptive pill like Unwanted 72 or Ipill, you should take a pregnancy test at home.

We kissed and then...

Love and relationships
Kabir and Sameera were colleagues and shared a kiss after getting drunk. The next day, Kabir was on cloud nine, expecting things to really kick off with Sameera. But things took an unexpected turn. Kabir shares his story with Partners in Law Development (PLD).

I asked for a kiss and he disappeared!

Love and relationships
Kavya’s friends told her that she and Akshay really looked good together and that their chemistry was great. But when Kavya acted on their advice and asked him out, things took a rather unexpected turn. Kavya shares her story with Partners in Law Development (PLD).

‘Ma Durga brought us together’

Love and relationships
It’s that time of the year. Dandiya Raas...Durga Puja...Love and music are in the air. Love Matters brings you a sweet love story that bloomed at a Durga Puja in Kolkata. Who knows you may find yours at a pandaal tonight?

‘Did I ever say I love you?’

Love and relationships
Mary and Anuj became friends at work and soon were having long chats on the phone. However, she was dumbfounded when his colleagues thought Anuj was her boyfriend. What’s more - Anuj too felt the same. She shares her story with PLD.

I bled on our first time

Making Love
It was Rohan and Mira’s first time. When they saw blood, he got concerned about Mira. However, it was not Mira who was bleeding. Rohan shares his story with Love Matters India.

Do men also bleed during sex

Making Love
Men bleeding during sex is usually unheard of and hence can be a little awkward for those who experience it. If you are one of them, do not panic, you are not alone.

I want love, not sex!

Sexual Diversity
At 22, Shikha realised that her life and longings were a little different from those of her friends. Find out how she deals with being asexual…

She complained to my boss!

Love and relationships
Raj kept looking for a yes in Anjali’s no’s. When he didn’t back off she did something Raj thinks was totally unfair. Read Raj’s story and tell us what you think.