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We kissed and then...

By Sraboni Basu Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 15:12
Kabir and Sameera were colleagues and shared a kiss after getting drunk. The next day, Kabir was on cloud nine, expecting things to really kick off with Sameera. But things took an unexpected turn. Kabir shares his story with Partners in Law Development (PLD).

Kabir, 28, from Delhi, is a Product Manager and Sameera, a merchandiser for his product line. 

Carried away 

We had gone to Lonawala for our quarterly offsite review meet. It was one of those high intensity high stress days. Finally when the day came to an end we all let our hair down. My colleague Sameera and I both had a bit too much to drink that night but we were still pretty much in our senses. 

Sameera was a very attractive girl and I clicked quite a few pictures of her. And of course I did not click them on the sly. She was right there and saw me taking pictures of her. 

Then I think we got a little carried away. I kissed her first. But she did not for once refuse or stop me. Then she kissed me back. 

A mistake?

The next day I went about feeling good and wore that smile that came from a sense of accomplishment. Sameera seemed a little put off though. It was clear that she felt whatever happened the previous night was wrong. She regretted it. 

Maybe it was because she was already in a relationship. I knew she had a boyfriend but frankly it did not matter or bother me as I felt whatever we did was nothing serious and more momentary. In fact that night left me wanting more, I started expecting something and so I guess I was not really listening to her side at all. 

She in turn shared everything with her boyfriend and told him what had happened. She just wanted to sort things out and start afresh. For her, it was a mistake. She told me she needed space.     

Spread like wildfire

It made me lose my mind. I was not thinking straight. I felt betrayed. I discussed everything with my colleagues without realizing I’m breaking her trust. I was frustrated and angry. I just wanted to get back at her and I did what I should never have done. 

I shared her pictures with a couple of my colleagues and friends. I had no idea that the pictures may get shared further and spread like wildfire! 

I never talked to her again because at that time, I still felt it was me who had been wronged! Whatever we shared ended right there and in this most bitter way. 

After a few months I changed my job.

Now, on hindsight, I realize what I did was wrong. It was not right for me to have made the private, public. I ended up harming us both and I certainly had not been fair to her.

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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