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I asked for a kiss and he disappeared!

By Sraboni Basu Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 11:17
Kavya’s friends told her that she and Akshay really looked good together and that their chemistry was great. But when Kavya acted on their advice and asked him out, things took a rather unexpected turn. Kavya shares her story with Partners in Law Development (PLD).

*Kavya, 31, is an account executive with a leading Telecom company in Bangalore. 

Getting along

Since childhood, I never shied away from speaking my mind and heart. 

My colleagues Shalini already knew Akshay. Akshay was a customer support lead and always felt he was cut out for the job. He was quiet, soft spoken and a very patient listener. 

The three of us got along well and started hanging out together. We used to go for lunch together. Sometimes we also met outside the office for movies or other plans. It did not matter that he was not from sales. 

First move? 

Shalini thought we would click really well. After a while I started feeling the same too. Though he was quiet, shy, a little wary and conscious, everyone felt our chemistry was really good. 

But what did we do about it? Nothing much really. Once or twice my friends intentionally joined us late, to give us exclusive we time. Everyone expected that he would ask me out on a formal date

But nothing of the sort happened. I understand that there are guys who are shy, who feel that the girl should show interest or make the first move. And that is exactly what I did! I decided to be a little flirtatious, you know how we girls can be!

‘I was just joking’

At an office party, I asked him, ‘Hello, what’s up! When are you going to kiss me?’ 

That did it! He completely disappeared. No messages, he also stopped picking up my calls. I texted him, ‘Arre relax! I was just joking!’ 

But was I really? 

I got to hear that he joined another company. Well, I don’t think he would have quit and changed his job only because of me. I am sure he was professionally unsatisfied.

Check out the video below where Kavya narrates her story. (Source: YouTube/Partners for Law in Development India


‘What’s the big deal?’

People ask me if  I knew whether he was interested in me at all. In hindsight, I feel that perhaps my friends prodded me a bit too much. And I got led on. 

I thought boys usually get floored by such things. But Akshay was surely an exception. He never really said much or expressed himself. How was I to know how he felt?

Maybe I should have asked. But honestly, it never occurred to me. I always thought, well, he’s a man. ‘If you are not into it, just say it!’ What’s the big deal?’ 

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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