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How I ended up having an affair with my cousin

Priya was infatuated with her cousin. Find out how she overcame social pressures when she was in a relationship.

Priya Sarang (name changed) is a 21-year-old student from Pune.

A new home

When I was in junior college, my parents abruptly got transferred to a far away town for some urgent work. I couldn’t move because of school, so I stayed with my cousins in the same city. I was sad to part ways with my parents for sometime, but I was also happy that I didn’t have to change my whole life suddenly.

My decision to stay back turned out to be a bad decision. On the first night, I noticed that my cousin was acting a bit strange. I could sense that there was something he wanted to tell me, but I avoided eye contact with him.

Falling for my cousin

Few days passed by and I began settling in my new home. My cousin was very helpful around that time. He would get me my supplies from nearby stores, ask me if I needed anything when he saw me studying late at night and took great care of my safety when I was on my own. All this made me feel emotionally attached to him and I began liking him.

At first, I thought that I was falling prey to all the attention he showered on me. But as time passed, my feelings for him grew stronger. I started speaking to him a lot, shared all my thoughts and considered him as my closest support. I would even like doing things for him, be more proactive when he was around and think about him whenever I was alone.

Getting intimate

One day, when I was alone at home, I dropped a text message on his phone, asking him to come meet me. He bunked college and quickly got home. I made him sit next to me and confessed my feelings.


He didn’t seem shocked. He held my hand and leaned forward to kiss me. After that, he also confessed that he liked me but was too scared to say it openly. That’s when we had sex for the first time.We had sex a few more times after that. We got close to each other, emotionally and physically in just six months. It felt like a special relationship.

In front of my family, we acted like cousins and spoke very little. But our conversations were different over the phone. We also didn’t hold hands in public or meet outside without my other siblings. We had to be extremely careful and alert. Finally, we decided to ignore each other in the house due to the fear of getting caught.

The big break up

Almost after a year, I realised that I was merely physically attracted to my cousin and I couldn’t see our relationship grow into something steady and concrete. Finally, I decided to let go. I convinced him to break up with me. But I was terribly close to him and it became difficult for us to live in the same house.

He wouldn’t listen. I was in a huge dilemma for a long time before finally deciding to move out of the house. I finished my exams and moved back in to my parents’ place. I was heartbroken for sometime but it did teach me a lot about relationships. I haven’t had a single conversation with him in the last three years. I am ready to forget the past and move ahead with my future.

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Tue, 05/03/2016 - 19:06
Even i am having same experience. I am now 39 (married guy with 7 yrs old son) but 16 yrs back when i was 23 my maternal cousin who was juat 17 came to my place. that time i was upset and in a depression due to my breakup with a girl who belong to different religion. My cousin started supporting me. she was very good and caring. we started enjoying each other's company. we used to spend hours at beach and naturally attracted physically. I kissed her first and she did no object.. after a few days i kissed her lips and she got angry but somehome she was also enjoying. while having lunch or dinner together we used to rub our feets and whenver we got a change we hug and kiss.. but soon she had to leave. she became very sad and cried while leaving. I also felt we are in love but we cudnt do anything as marriage within relation is not acceptable in our religion. years passed. I got married and she also got married. she has one daughter. we hardly met during functions but never had sex. last year during one marriage we met and took a change to go for snax in a restaurant. she hugged me and kissed me passionately and cried. I told her to meet in a hotel because we could not do much at that place. after a month we got that apportunity and the day came. we were so excited. we spent whole afternoon together and had sex twice. we are happy and wish to continue this secret relation.I dont think there is anything wrong as long as we give our love and attention to our partners and kids.
I think u should think about his feelings too.You had sex with him .Do you know when people have sex when they believe each other and he even loved you .Think how much heartbroken he must have been
Even i was in relation with my cousin, we dont have talking terms in last 12 years, we both married now, i hope one day i will get courage to speak to her, as i still only love her.. and i hope to get chance to spend atleast a day with her
Oh Dear Beta!!! Love in family - is VERY complicated . AND when we are young we make all sorts of good and bad decisions. Beta - please lets avoid this meeting - it can go anywhere!! you don't want to be n a spot again which will become every difficult t handle. If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask" . https://lovematters.in/en/forum
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