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Should I have sex with my cousin?

By Auntyji Friday, April 12, 2019 - 07:30
Hi Auntyji, I am in love with my cousin and want to have sex with him. I’m an unmarried girl aged 26. What should I do? Sukanya, Bhopal.

Auntyji says, ‘You would not be the first one, beta Sukanya, so I am glad you wrote here. Let’s talk more’. 

Is it really love?

Sukanya – look back. Who do we really hang out with – who are the ‘boys’ we grow up with? We hung out with our cousins – both boys and girls and they know us best. We had fun with them – we play and do masti with them, which establishes a real close bond. All fine! Thus far.

But somewhere down the line, you grow up and so do they! From a sister – you become – a girl! You are cute looking, sexy and smart and most crucially, you are most approachable and you are aas paas

The same applies for you. Your cousin has been around you, he gets you, you have been sharing so much with him and now... he has suddenly transformed into the sexiest man you know. When did that happen? Your old fun and comfort gets further concretised and you believe you are ‘in love’. Getting complicated?

The other party

There is one more player in this – your cousin. Just because he is a man – does not mean he will be ready to jump into bed with you. He may have an extreme reaction too. All this while you were his behen – and now what’s this sudden change of course. 

You may have all these feelings for him – he may still be only filial in his affections. What then? You make a move and he freaks out, ‘Didi – what are you saying’! He begins to avoid you and you are all flustered and now afraid. 

What if he tells someone in the family? And yes – what if he does? How will you ever manage that Sukanya, beta

Not a pretty picture

What do you think can be the repercussions of this? You lose a good friend to begin with. While no doubt some communities do make room for relationships between cousins, most don’t. 

In our work experience – this sort of a love story – while common as it may be – has never really had a happy ending of any sort. It gets so messy and so complicated. Families get involved and yeah, before you know it, it’s all out of control – with name calling and blame gaming between your parents. And you at the receiving end. 

Time out for yourself 

So what can you do now onwards? Trying to keep a distance from him, now onwards. Give yourself some thought time – even talk to a close pal if you want. Take a trip? A hobby class, the gym? Swimming? 

Break your regular routine in which your cousin and interaction with him plays a central role. Go out with your own gang of girls or pals. Don't beat yourself up on this though –its common, it happens. Wanting sex is no crime – no bad thing – its perfectly OK. Its sexy and your right too. Just choose your partner wisely Sukanya. 

To protect the identity, names have been changed. 

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Hello..i am 46 year old leady.i have no child due to my problem. my husband is 15 year old than me. he is not interested in sex. after marriage i do sex only 10-times. now my bhatija is live with me for his study. he is 24 year old. he is looking very sexy. i am attracting toward him and he also know that i want sex because i am very frank to him.most of time i sleep in his room and in night touch me. should i go for sex with him
helllo aunty ji. my problem is i'm loving my own sister madly. she is 21 & me 25. i dnt know when i start to do loving her. at the age of 20 yrs i used to touch her private parts sneakingly.. 2 times she got wake up & she didnt oppose me. later i felt sin. after few days i cnt control myself to touch her. years are passed away i gone for studies far away frm my home... recently i found she have bf and lost virginity with him when i came back after my studies... i asked her and she told frankly about her lover and sex experiences... later i erase frm my mind in the way of love... actually the problem came here that is their love is broken up... so then i'm not conrolling my feelings towards her now.. since 6 months on wards i'm again enjoying her beauty in the name of black mail... now she allows me even for sex but i cnt.... y bcz i'm not loving her as like b4 i had sex feelings only.... i cnt control to touch her and feeling sin inside....... please aunty ji let me help how to avoid my sister... i'm mentally burning inside and enjoying with her private parts twice in a week when my parents are out
Hlo aunty ji....... I m of 19 nd my cousin is 17. He want to make a relation ship with me. What should I do..:.???... vo chahta h ... M hmesha uske sath rhu..... But.... I knw our family will never allow to continue our relation......aunty ji .... Plz help me to decide that what should we do..... Is it correct to make relation wid own cousin....???
Hlo aunty ji....... I m of 19 nd my cousin is 17. He want to make a relation ship with me. What should I do..:.???... vo chahta h ... M hmesha uske sath rhu..... But.... I knw our family will never allow to continue our relation......aunty ji .... Plz help me to decide that what should we do..... Is it correct to make relation wid own cousin....???
Hi. I am attracted to my cousin. She is 25 and I am 30. I want to have sex with her. Is it possible to have a "friends with benefits" relationship with a cousin or do you think that would cause to many problems. Thank you
Same here But I'm boy and I'm 18 and she is approx 18 we both have sexual and emotional desires but we don't do sex because we know this society will never allow us to do it they'll never allow to do sex then this is impossible to live together.. and in your case he is 17 so please wait for him to reach atleast 18
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There is no way to seduce you own Chachi or whoever she is, you mad boy!! Are you crazy? Has she given you any reason to believe she want to have sex with you? Do you know what having sex with a family member means- it’s very difficult and extremely complicated. Here read this and beware that your Uncle does not get wind of your “desires and fantasies” If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
Fri, 07/31/2015 - 13:49
Hi aunty ji i m raj 27 year old and i m falling love with my 17 year old cousin and i want to sex with her and she is also do the same bt i am confused that can i do sex with my 10 year younger cousin.....please auntyji tell me what to do.....
Hello aunty. i am ina.i am 24 year old unmarried girl. i am not looking very good. my colour is not fair, my hight is only 4.5 feet. i dont have any boy cousin brother who is withme with my childhood, he is also 24 year old. i like him as my boy friend. i am very attaract to him. i am very sexy and hot by sexual urag is very high. i want to have sex with him and he also want to have with me, so please tell me am i right, or if i go for sex, what measure should i use so that i can do sex without condem and not become pragnant
why do I get the feeling we have spoken before? So alright. Lets first get this idea out that because you think you are not good looking or fair, you have to "adjust " to whatever you are getting- that is madness. About your cuz, listen dear, whoever you decide to have sex with, please ensure it is very safe . Safe from being abused, being cheated, being blackmailed, from getting any infections and of course form Pregnancy. So there is no way you can ensure all this without using a condom. Also this cuz- are you sure he wont create problems for you? Double check beta. Whatever decision you finally make, think it through very carefully and ALWAYS insist of safety.
Hello..i am 46 year old leady.i have no child due to my problem. my husband is 15 year old than me. he is not interested in sex. after marriage i do sex only 10-times. now my bhatija is live with me for his study. he is 24 year old. he is looking very sexy. i am attracting toward him and he also know that i want sex because i am very frank to him.most of time i sleep in his room and in night touch me. should i go for sex with him
Tue, 02/11/2014 - 12:46
It is not about just knowing to read and write, it is rather intellectual development of a human being which leads to overall human development.
Hello aunty..i am 27 year old unmarried leady..i am doing businesss with my cousin, we partner. i am very open to him, as when we go for tour,we live in same room and share one bad, he is very sexy, most of time we also watch porn movie, he seduce me many time, now he insist me for sex, but i do nt want to do veginal sex before marrige, can i go for anal sex with him, and do sex with him after marriage
hello problem is that, y mother is having sex with my cousin..and my cousin also doing flirt with me and i also attract toward him, i am very confuse, what to do
Here am confuse too !! first relax and talk to your nearest and trusty person who could understand well all these things and then talk to your mom about it, and be brave when dealing with all these things don't worry just be careful in all things.
hello aunty. I am 32 year marief leady. I was in sex relationship with my cousin berfore my marriage. Now after marrige of both, he is not satisfy with his wife, he want sex with me, i am also want to go for that because my husband is not in india for two year, so pls tell me if i dont use condom, and use i pill is there any harm
Look bete first thing is that now you are married and someone's wife and if your husband trust you and love than why are you going to have sex with him just because of your husbands out visit , it can create problems in your and his marriage life , think about it bete!! other thing is that I pill is an emergency pill so you cant use it for regular sex, condom is the best idea for preventing pregnancy .
Hey aunty, i am a 22 yr old boy and i have a cousin who is 23 yrs old, she got married just 2 months back. Before her marriage once or twice in a year we used to meet, we never had sex but seduced each other when we got chance. For me it has always been a kind of lust that makes me attract towards her but may be its not the same case with her. i think she loves me and after getting married she has got more freedom and so she wants me to visit her and obviously she wants to have sex with me. I tried to convince that now she has a husband to take care of but she says my love is greatest. What should i do ? As i am single and dont have a gf also an adult therefore i wish to have sex with her just for pleasure.
WOW!! Ok you ar ein a dharma sankat- what do you want to do? You see beta, the issue is that this is really playing with fire. What if someone gets to know? What if she really has feelings for you, gets possessive, gets pregnant with your baby?? How will you handle all this what if she begins to make demands? And Beta, people are not so stupid, you come and go to her new marital home, wont people begin to talk- have you thought about that?And finally, she is a sister after all!!Think before you take any step which you will not be able to retract!
Hi auntyji I am 29 yo male. My cousin is 4 years younger than me. I am attracted to her. She has made comments in the past like I am cute and she wants to marry someone just like me. She has also jokingly asked if I would date her. My question for you is that I want to be intimate with her, what steps should I take to do that?
Hello aunty. i am 27 year old men. me and my cousin sister who is also of my age. i had sex with her many time after and before her marrige. she have no child due to her husband phycal problem. she want child from me. should i go for it. she told me that she dont want to adopt child of other person, she want baby who is of her family
When you have decided all things so what do you need our permission for? Please remember, you are a mature person and you are well aware that this may harm and impact your family, your life as well as his. so think twice before going for it.
Hi auntyji I am a 30 male. My cousin who is 25 tells me that she thinks I am cute and wants to marry someone like me. She has also jokingly asked if I would date her. I am attracted to her and want to have sex. How do I approach her about this?
i am 26 year old unmarried leady. i live with my mummy who is approx 58 year father is not living with us.he dont like my mother.i have sex relation with my cousin brother. he agree to marry wth me, but he also want to have sex with my what to do
I am sanjai iam 17 years old and my cousin is 14 years old I love her very much but I can't say this to her wat should I do to make her love me
I'm already in a relationship. I'm 17 .I have a cousin sister 2yrs elder to me..who has made me her half boyfriend. Now I feel to have sex with her once as she talks like she wanna get fucked by me.Will it be cheating to my own gf? Please help !
hii aunty g . i had sex with my cousin befor her marrige . becoz i love her and she also love me very much. now her husband is not in india . and her relationship is not gud some family issues ... they never tlk .. now when i meet her . i feel she want sex . she need.. and m also want to sex wid her
Hello aunty.i am 28 year old married leady and have no child. when i was unmarried, i was in iove with my cousin borther.due to social problem we did do not do marry. we do marry with different person.before marrige, we were in sex relationship, but did dont do veginal sex, i allowed him only for oral sex,, i promised him that i will allow him for veginal sex after my marriage, now we both got marry, after marry i did two time sex with him, now he wants more,how to handle him
hello aunty. i 29 year old married leady. i got maary before 4 month.i am very open forward like my mother. my mother is 48 year old and her nature is very sexy. my father does not live with us. my cousin brother look my mother. i did sex only 2 time after my marrige wiithout satisfaction, i come to my mother house for 7 days, during these day i found that my is in sex relationship with my cousin. my cousin sleep with my mother and enjoy her. now i also want to sleep with her, is i thinking right
Archit jain
Sat, 09/27/2014 - 09:31
auntyji..... first time in internet i am seeing some really mature and sensible suggestions on this taboo topic...... Thanks :)
Sun, 09/28/2014 - 10:08
Hey Auntyji..I am happy to see that you are solving problems of people.I also csme here with a hope for solution of my problem. I am very attracted towards my cousin. Once in my childhood when I was around 10-11 yrs old. I had sex with her. Now I think she is also interested in me. Sometimes she smiles with a seduction in it. What to do? Should i sex with her or not. What will I face after death attempting such a sin?! Help me out plz!
Hello auntyji, I have a mami. I once stared at her boobs accidentally she caught me.Since then I am not able to make eye contact with her.She knows how I feel.When she comes my home I try to avoid her.But she starts a convo with smile.She has smile during the whole convo. She often says that come our home sometime. But I never go after that incident. Is it the sign of her seducing me. Kya karu me kuch samajh ni aa rha? Plz plz plz help. _/\_
Hmmm Ramesh bête pehle to hap yeh batao ki kya samajh nahi aaraha hai ab aapko ? woh kya soch rahi hain ya kya ya kya kar rahee hain, isse zyada yeh zaruri hai ki aapko ab kya karna hai? ! Kahin yeh aapki apnee manokaamna toh nahin?!! Rahee maami ki baat, yadi aap unhe MAA- Mi ki hai!!
Ma apni bua ji ki ladki ko sex karna chahta Hmm. Wo b muj sa sex karwana chahti hai lakin bol nahi sakti. Ik baar us na muja bola tha k bahar ja kar sex karne sa acha hai ghr ma hi kar lay. Bahar b wohee ling milta hai ghar ma b wohee milta hai. Wo kabi kabi mara ling ko b touch kar dati hai. Jab ma ghr ma akalaa hota hmm wo bathroom k darwaza ko lock nahi karti hai nahataa sama. Ik bar ma na dakha tha us ko Bua k sath 1 hotal ma sath ma 2 boys tha un ka affair mari bua k sath tha kabi kabi raat ko buj apni daughter ko b sath lajati un sa milna k leya
Dekhiye bête Sex ke liye kuchh rishto mein bilkul hi manahi hai, jinme family sex bhi shamil hai, samajik roop ya kisi bhi nazar se family sex ki permission nahi hai! Family relations mein ya nazidiki rishetdaar ke beech sex humesha ek bahut hee pecheeda mamaala hai - kai samuday mein bahut galat mana jata hai , bilkul asweekar hai - amamaneeya hai. Nazdiki rishtedaron meins sex, family ke rishteon mein sex - yeh sab ideas kahan se aatey hain? Shayad blue filmon se ya chat rooms se? kya hum jo bhee wahan dekhtey hain wo asal hota hai? Shayd nahin. So yeh idea ki family ka koi vyakti sex ke liye ready ho sakta hai, tayayr ho jayega, is me ek satta hai ek power ki jhalk jo ki kisi bhi soorat mein niyamit nahin hai. So zara relax kijiye puttar!!  ISE padh lijiye: Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain to hamare discusion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil ho!
Hi aunty ji I am 20 yr boy and I have not sex up till now . meri 1 chachi hai who is unsatisfied with sex because my cha cha is in relationship with other. unki Shadi KO 4 Sal ho gai par ab tak unne chachi KO touch bhi nahi kiya chachi meri Se roj bat karti hai aur meri KO sex ke leye bolti hai Vo 30 Sal Ki hai aur mai 20 Sal ka vaise to muje 25 Se 50 Sal Ki ladies he Achi lagti hai par she is my chachi should I have sex with her
hi i m a boy i m 17 yrz old nd my cuzn iz 12 yrz old but she iz fit so i m in lov wth hr so should i hv sex wth her???? plz help
hello aunty i love my bua ji very much she is 30 and i am 21 she is widow and have a daughter 9 yrs old .she is a widow since 7 yrs and i think she didnt have sex after that and one day i was sleeping with her in summer afternoons and she kissed me on my cheeks she thinks i was sleeping but i could remember this first i thought it was normal and happens but after two nights later she was asking about kiss which she did . i said i dont remember and it was night time she said that she is going to repeat tha
Hmmm. You see its very easy to fall for this sort of an attraction – she is making the moves, you have nothing to lose, so to say and you get tempted, hai na? But dear, you are a smart person, think of all the consequences before you take such a step. Once you get into this type of a relation, you will have great difficulty in getting out. Plus hai toh aapki bua hee na… read this as well:
hello.....unti g...namast..i lv my cousn sis bt she loves sm1 what shuld i do plss help me.i want to have sex with her at least one time plss hlp me
Am about 29 and my cousin about 28. She is very close to me and I am interested to have relationship with my cousin now. But I am afraid if our relationship broken bcos of this thoughts after my expression to her. But am not sure whether she is having the same thought with me or not. How to approach this to my cousin? At tha same time I can not hold this thoughts for long time it's disturbing me a lot. What to do, pls advice
Right my dear, I hear you. So you see having a feeling of love for your cousin is not uncommon, it does happen. But is it permissible is the point, isit not. My dear, this only you can answer. How willit be understood in your family, how ill it be accepted by her… and it is complicated this too you will accept, Is it not. Ok read this and clear up your head a bit .
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