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‘DDLJ on Skype: How we fought our Corona blues’

By day two I had started missing Karan badly. We both were chatting on WhatsApp, but it was not the same. He then went to his hometown Jaipur and now we couldn’t even talk much. My parents asked me not to travel to Bangalore as there was risk of catching the infection on a flight. I was stuck alone in my flat. Sakshi shares her story with Love Matters India.

Sakshi, 25, is a software developer in Gurgaon. 


Karan and I worked in the same office and he used to pick and drop me to my house often. During our rides, we used to talk a lot, sometimes about work, about office and life in general. 

We are in a relationship and love spending time together. So much so that I used to go to Karan’s house after the office for dinner and then come back home late. 

Our friends often teased us that we should probably start living together. Karan, who was now living with his flatmates just like me, was all for it. I was excited at that thought too but told him I needed more time. Karan said he would wait for my decision. 

Monday blues

Sunday evening I got a message from our HR manager – the office building has been shut and we have to work from home until the end of March. Coronavirus scare was everywhere. 

Schools are shut down and markets almost closed. Delhi NCR has never come to such a standstill. I had to go and pick up my stuff from the office and went out in a cab. I did not know what to expect. Cybercity, where my office is, wore a deserted look on Sunday evening. Cyberhub, where we struggled to find parking even on weekdays, was just empty. 

I decided to call up Karan to check if he could see me for the last time before we got locked up but he lived far away and I did not want him to take the risk. I felt like I was going away from him without saying goodbye! 

I called him up and asked him to stock up on some groceries instead. I ordered some for myself too. 

So far so good

Monday morning was a breeze. Though I missed seeing Karan, I liked being at home. No hassle to rush to the office, pack lunch or travel in the metro. Everything seemed nice when I started working on my laptop in my pajamas. 

However, by day two I started missing Karan more. We both were chatting on WhatsApp and even calling frequently, but it was not the same. As the days went by, Karan's calls became less frequent and less exciting. 

What was worse – he went to his hometown Jaipur after two days and felt restricted to talk to me all the time. My parents asked me not to travel to Bangalore as it could be risky on a flight. So I decided to stay where I was. 

We didn't have anything to talk about because our life had become monotonous. We were getting frustrated and often fought with each other on various issues. Just a week of not meeting was taking a toll on us! 


I was mad at him for something that night so did not call him. 

At 12 in the night, I got his text, ‘Bade bade shehron mein yeh choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain Senorita! Gussa mat karo. I am watching Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge ….saath mein dekhein?’ 

I was tired of fighting with him so just texted, ‘OK.’ 

He sent an online link to watch the movie and asked me to come on Skype. We both did not talk to each other but started watching the movie together. Few minutes into the movie, I was laughing when Shahrukh dropped Kajol on the floor! 

‘Good to see you smile. Hasti raha karo khadoos,’ Karan said on the video call. 

I was still annoyed with him so did not say much and smiled. 

Karan repeated the Senorita dialogue when it came in the movie. I was enjoying it. In the end, we both shouted, ‘Ja Simran ja...jee le apni zindagi’ and laughed together. 

For the first time in so many days, Karan felt close. 

Laughing and crying together

Last night, we watched Kuch Kuch Hota Hai on our laptops and I found him crying when Rahul confessed to Anjali that he was in love with Tina. After seeing emotions in his eyes, I started to make funny faces in the webcam to make him smile. 

That was the moment when I fell in love with him all over again! I never knew he was so sensitive and emotional. I missed hugging him so much at that time that I told him I was okay to move in with him when the Coronavirus scare is over. 

‘Wow! You mean living together!’ he asked in excitement. 

‘Yes, but rent share karungi, don’t worry!’ I said and we both laughed. In my mind I was actually wondering which movie to watch tonight. 


To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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About the author: Vinayana Khurana is pursuing M.Phil in English literature from Delhi University. She is a woman with Cerebral palsy but that is not her identity. She's a writer, a poet and a Comic Artist. You can reah her out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

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