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My family rejected him because he limped

Sexual Diversity
Vinita was a child when her family turned down a prospective match for her bua because of a minor limp. Now as she has grown to a ‘marriageable age’, she tells us how the tables have turned.

A red rose for me

Love and relationships
Payal saw Rahul buying a red rose. She could not hide her excitement and put on her best dress. What happened next? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘Show me your brown part,’ he said

Love and relationships
Vaibhavi and Abhi were in the same school as kids and met on Facebook after many years. When she started chatting with him, he asked her for a ‘special’ picture. She tells Love Matters India how embarrassed she felt.

My disability came in the way

Love and relationships
Vinita knew she would perhaps not hear 'I love you too' back from Ankur. Still, she poured her heart out to him. Was it silly on her part? She tells Love Matters India her story.