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Will our relationship last without the 'touch'?

Love and relationships
Vinayana met Ayush on a social media site, and they formed an instant connection, but she had doubts that the long-distance relationship really works for them. She shares her story with Love Matters India.

How I discovered my clit!

Our Bodies
When Preeti first found out about her clitoris and how pleasurable it felt to touch there, she felt guilty instead of feeling happy. How did she discover it? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘Mom, can I buy a sex toy?’

Sexual Diversity
Naina, a girl with disability, thought of buying a sex toy. But was it easy? Will her mom agree? Will she be able to use it properly? She had so many questions. But there was only one way to find out - to take the plunge. She shares her experience with Love Matters India.

When a dating website blocked me

Sexual Diversity
Vinayana logged on to a famous dating website but little did she know that creating an account would not be possible for her because of her disability. She was frustrated when she got blocked and vented it out on social media. What happened next? She shares her story with us.

He sent good morning messages and shayari!

Love and relationships
Sunaina had a huge crush on Sanjay. She kept messaging him even after he told her he was not interested. But then something happened that gave her a taste of her own medicine, she understood her mistake. What was it? She shared her story with Love Matters India.

'How can you think about this before marriage?’

Love and relationships
When Ritika told her boyfriend about her desire to kiss, he mocked her for saying so ‘despite being a girl’. Can't a girl have physical desires, Ritika asks, as she shares her story with Love Matters.

When no one asked me about my fantasy!

Sexual Diversity
I was out with my girlfriends, we started playing a game. One by one, the girls had to speak out their sexual fantasies. I don't know how or why they skipped over my turn?

He grabbed my breast when helping me off the van

Love and relationships
As a girl with a disability, Vanita needed help from his van driver, for climbing in and out of the van. One day the driver groped her breast. Vanita wasn’t sure what to do. She didn't want the incident to end her schooling. She shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘All he thinks about is himself’

Love and relationships
When Aditya asked Kanika to be online everyday to talk to him and reserve all her time for him, she felt special and cared for. But soon, Aditya’s behaviour became too much for her. Was he trying to control her?

Sara tells us how it's done!

Sexual Diversity
Finding a partner and falling in love is a wonderful experience. But was it hard for Sara to find a partner because of her disability? She spoke to Love Matters about her relationship with Mayank and shared the amazing tips that you must read.

'I was left without help'

Sexual Diversity
Sonali is a person with disability. Usha Aunty helps her with all her physical needs. With the declaration of the lockdown, Usha Aunty could no longer visit her. How did Sonali manage her life? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘DDLJ on Skype: How we fought our Corona blues’

Love and relationships
By day two I had started missing Karan badly. We both were chatting on WhatsApp, but it was not the same. He then went to his hometown Jaipur and now we couldn’t even talk much. My parents asked me not to travel to Bangalore as there was risk of catching the infection on a flight. I was stuck alone in my flat. Sakshi shares her story with Love Matters India.