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Sara tells us how it's done!

By Vinayana Khurana Friday, July 24, 2020 - 13:37
Finding a partner and falling in love is a wonderful experience. But was it hard for Sara to find a partner because of her disability? She spoke to Love Matters about her relationship with Mayank and shared the amazing tips that you must read.

Sara, 24, is a person with Cerebral Palsy - a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to move and maintain balance and posture. 

Be honest about yourself

Dating someone on Tinder but hiding your disability is a big no. Always inform the other person about whatever disability you have right from the beginning. Once Sara was dating a person who was too shy to admit his disability. He kept postponing meeting her or talking to her on some or the other pretext. 

When he finally admitted he could not hear, Sara could not help but wonder what was the need to hide. Disability is a part of you. But that does not imply that all the talks and chats you do have to be around your or their disability. Remember, the disability is not the person. It’s just one part of who they are.

What ‘others will say’ should not bother you 

If you are dating someone for a long time and now plan to meet outside, inform them about your shortcomings because of disability. Let them be as mentally prepared as you are. 

Sara once went on a date with Mayank and spilled the coffee over the table. Mayank did not panic in that situation and handled it calmly. 

Her tip – Never ever feel conscious if people start staring at your table. Handle the situation, calmly. That’s the best way to win their hearts. Everyone has some or the other weakness, the other person just needs to accept it and move on in a casual manner.

Your disability doesn’t have to define your relationship

Your relationship shouldn’t be just in and around  your disability. Your medications, your therapy, appointments or doctor visits, can not be a part of each and every conversation with your partner. He/she might be having their own challenges in their life. You cannot always bother them with your problems.

Take care of each other, equally

Dating someone with a disability doesn’t mean you’ll have to ‘take care of them’. They’re probably used to looking after themselves. People always perceive that your partner (especially if he is able bodied) will always take care of the disabled partner; but that is not the case. The person with a disability  can take care of their partner emotionally, if not physically. 

Sara was by Mayank’s side when he lost his job recently. She searched for job opportunities for him, had a pep talk with him when he felt low, tweaked his resume and even helped Mayank prepare for job interviews by throwing probable questions at him. 

It’s not always that a person will need just the physical support, emotional support is equally important in a relationship.

Don't believe in stereotypes

When Sara started dating Mayank, she often heard from her friends and relatives – there must be something fishy. Is Mayank after your wealth? Is he/she not worth enough for any other partner? Oh! It won't last long. She also heard that she is ‘lucky’ to be with Mayank!

Disability is not the only thing that defines someone. You fall in love with people. Mayank liked Sara because of her great sense of humour, her nature and not for any other reason. Yes, their relationship has its own challenges but so do other relationships have, don’t they?

Never jump into a relationship in haste

Sara and Mayank have been dating each other since the last one six months now. Do they want to take it forward? They are still not sure. They want to take their own time. This tip is true for every other relationship, as it is for the relationship with the person with disability. To make a relationship on the foundation of love and trust, all you need is a little time. 

Don’t ever force someone into commitment. It might scare them away from you. Always give them some space and time to build your relationship stronger over the period.

Confidence is the key! 

When Mayank goes out with Sara, he is not conscious of her disability. He is confident of his choice. People with disabilities love the dates who are confident about being with them. Confidence in the terms of when they know that you have made the right choice. People with disabilities (or anyone for that matter) would not like to go on a date with someone who is a little hesitant to be with them. 

Don’t assume, communicate and seek consent 

Does he like me? How would she feel if I hold her hand? We wish there were automatic answers to these questions but there are not! You have to ask, talk and check about all these thoughts rather than just assume. 

As in any relationship, communication is central. Once you develop a level of comfort, ask them do they feel attracted to you? Do they want to kiss, hold hands, or have sex? Do not assume things, ask to find out! 

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To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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Pyar ke Ishare - Love knows no disability

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Yes beta - no doubt... people find it very difficult to date and "love" people with disability - they just get , what should I say - overwhelmed. That's a sad truth. Really sorry to hear you had to go through this. Bete I want to offer you a suggestion for the future, to reduce any upsets and hurt n any side. If you are beginning t date online please share your ability and disability with the person, asap, so that this sort of a situation doe snot emerge. Share how awesome you are and how cool - and also add your disability. Nothing may change, but at least you will be spared of hurt. Yes? The loss is not yours entirely dear, its all the "daters" the silly girl who ran away. If you would like to join in on an elaborate discussion on any topic, feel free to join our discussion board, ‘Just Ask’
Ranvijay Singh Rajput
Fri, 07/31/2020 - 13:00
For the person with disability is really hard to find real love ....I loved a girl who was not disable she loved me too I hided my disability from coz I was afraid of losing her I kept talking on phn never try to meet her ...but 1 day her friend saw me on wheelchair and she told my girl abt my disability ...she was shocked she was sad abt me but she didn't continue with me she walked off leaving me behind with my disability ...she forgot me that broke me from then I never tried to find love ....
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