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‘Mom, can I buy a sex toy?’

Naina, a girl with disability, thought of buying a sex toy. But was it easy? Will her mom agree? Will she be able to use it properly? She had so many questions. But there was only one way to find out - to take the plunge. She shares her experience with Love Matters India.

When a dating website blocked me

Vinayana logged on to a famous dating website but little did she know that creating an account would not be possible for her because of her disability. She was frustrated when she got blocked and vented it out on social media. What happened next? She shares her story with us.

When no one asked me about my fantasy!

I was out with my girlfriends, we started playing a game. One by one, the girls had to speak out their sexual fantasies. I don't know how or why they skipped over my turn?

Love in times of pain

‘All around us we see relationships of a certain kind. Date nights that are regular, outdoors….And so many other couples things. Many of these didn’t fit us and my disability made much of this harder’. It is not easy to defy the ‘norm’ that society not just accepts, but rewards, Srinidhi Raghavan tells Rising Flame.

‘All I see around me looks like love’

‘Sometimes, the simplest things are what we need the most, and all I wanted was to catch his attention. I never told him, or anybody else, about how I felt, but I think I secretly loved him. My life felt like a Tamil song – kanbathellam…kadhaladi… (all that I see around me looks like love!’, Dr Deepa V. shares her story with Rising Flame.

Falling in love (with myself)

‘Waking up to messages like, ‘Hey, beautiful’, and being stared at during video calls, even when I’m not wearing kajal, made me fall in love with myself a little more... When you live with a disability, you want to be with someone who loves you with your disability, not in spite of it,’ says Sweta, as she shares her story with Rising Flame.

Dating with disability in the times of COVID!

‘We had our speaking days and non speaking days but I feel that COVID was indeed the testing time that brought us closer and made us more sensitive to our imperfections, differences, and desires,’ Nidhi Goyal, shares her story with Love Matters India.

He grabbed my breast when helping me off the van

As a girl with a disability, Vanita needed help from his van driver, for climbing in and out of the van. One day the driver groped her breast. Vanita wasn’t sure what to do. She didn't want the incident to end her schooling. She shares her story with Love Matters India.

Sara tells us how it's done!

Finding a partner and falling in love is a wonderful experience. But was it hard for Sara to find a partner because of her disability? She spoke to Love Matters about her relationship with Mayank and shared the amazing tips that you must read.

'I was left without help'

Sonali is a person with disability. Usha Aunty helps her with all her physical needs. With the declaration of the lockdown, Usha Aunty could no longer visit her. How did Sonali manage her life? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

He felt he was doing me a huge favour!

I don't want a caretaker disguised as a boyfriend. What I want from the person I choose is respect and love. I want romantic dates, flowers, movies, holding hands, hugs and kisses. Why is it so hard for people to understand that I want the same things they want? The same ability to fall in love and be loved, Srishti told Rising Flame.

We connected in the most magical way

As a disabled, queer and trans* couple, we are constantly aware of the fight it takes to exist in this society that only acknowledges a nuclear family structure. Our story is not like those that you see in Bollywood films. On our first date, the most important thing was to respect each other’s struggle and experiences. Shivangi shared her story with Rising Flame.