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What’s wrong with a little smoking?

By Auntyji Thursday, July 4, 2019 - 16:46
Hi Aunty ji, my friend from school smokes cigarettes and also does nasha (drugs). I tried one time and really liked it. He says nothing will happen and I also like the feeling I get. Do you think it’s alright if I smoked just a bit everyday? Saksham, 19, Champaran

Auntyji says, ‘Beta/bhai mere, Saksham, this is what we call a slippery slope – do you know why’? 

Not so easy to control

You see your pals doing it – you too want to try – you do and the big mushkil happens. You like it! Hunn ki kitta jaye

If we like something beta – the chances are we will try it more and more. Oye hoye. If this were a swimming class, hockey, gym – nothing would matter. In fact we would really encourage it. We would say – go ahead, try more and more – no worries at all. 

However, this is cigarettes and drugs and maybe even alcohol. Beta it’s not so easy to control ourselves when we like something – just hear it from me. Then, you think you are looking so cool, so smart – but no, wait a minute. 

These days, smokers and phoonkne waale (drugs) are really looked down upon. People treat them as some bekaar type of folks, with bad mouth odour. 

Latt lag jati hai

The matter with these products is that they are habit forming – latt lag jati hai. Once you get into it you get addicted. Then to leave it – it’s like climbing a mountain. I have heard so many people say – arre, I’ll leave it whenever I want but it’s not easy at all beta.  

Achcha chalo, you like these products. How will you afford them? You are just in school yet, right? Do you want to spend all your pocket money on these things? How will you face your family?  

Isn’t it wiser to use your pocket money to buy something nice for yourself, your friends, your special dost – it will go a much longer way than this ek time ka mazaa.

Lost count

Beta Saksham, I have lost count of how many young people have bhatkoed from their path perusing these products. Sports persons, actors, fathers, sisters, mothers – once they begin to ‘like it’ they can’t go back to their simple duties and activities.  

Guess what – they all began, ‘for fun’ and before they knew it, kaam bhi gaya, naam bhi, izzat bhi. Now say. 

So are all sorts of nasha is bad? I’d say yes. If they take over your life  – they are. People are packing roti and sabzi, you are packing supari and gutkha. People are looking at the scenery – you are looking at the theka.  

To top it all beta, do you know what a bad name our country has for being dirty and smelly – all over the world? One of the biggest faults lies with all this pan supari tobacco chewing and spitting! Aye haye

Go to any other country and you will be shocked because you will miss these signs of red and black stains, paper and plastic wrappers all around – they just don’t do it – why do we!

Apna dimaag lagao

Now for your yaar dost who is saying, go ahead, ek cigarette se kuch nahi hoga. Is he a dost or dushman? Khud to he can't help himself, he is pushing you into the same dark well. 

If you feel everyone is doing the same thing and you should too be doing, is it a good reason? No. Don’t come under pressure. Just because he likes tinde ka sabzi, do you have to like it too? Then why for cigarettes and nasha. Apna dimaag lagao.  

Beta, this is not the time for all this either – you are too young, too dependent. At least, become a bit more mature, responsible, earn your own money and then, think of ‘mein fikr ko dhuen mein udaata chla gaya’. 

Before that, take care of your heart, lungs and parent’s hard earned money. 

Your dost? Where is he? Tell him your mom is looking for him. 

*To protect the identity, names have been changed. 

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