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Did you know that a recent study by WHO estimates that around 30 per cent of women worldwide are victims of abuse? And you’ll be surprised to know that men also suffer violence of different forms in relationships.

What is intimate partner violence?

In India, lack of education, violent upbringing, gender inequality or alcohol abuse could be some of the key parameters leading to violence among couples or lovers. Jealousy, over possessiveness, small fights are a few reasons for a partner to perpetuate abuse. It is usually aimed at making the other person feel ashamed, isolated, depressed and hurt. But physical and psychological abuse for a long term could create severe health and mental m.

Is abuse only physical?

Abuse could take any form to make the victim feel scared and worthless. It could be physical, verbal, sexual, financial or emotional. Victims usually tend to forgive because it is caused by someone they love. Problems between couples arise when there is little or no understanding, a lot of insecurity and jealousy. These attitudes could really affect the lives of people in abusive relationships and leave permanent scars.

How to overcome intimate partner violence?

Violence among couples is bound to increase if kept shut behind closed doors. People who go through any form of abuse do not deserve to be judged. The only solution is addressing abuse. Sometimes victims are not ready to quit the relationship due to fear. At Love Matters India, we believe that you need to speak about abuse to confront and challenge it. So if you are in an abusive relationship, help yourself to get out of it. Speak up. Bear no more.


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