I want to be a bf/gf and not a friend - but how?
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I want to be a bf/gf and not a friend - but how?

Rohit and Priya had been best friends since childhood. They did everything together, from playing video games to going to each other’s houses for birthdays. They confided in each other and always had each other's backs. However, as they grew up, Rohit realized that he had developed feelings for Priya that went beyond just friendship. He wanted to be more than just her friend, he wanted to be her boyfriend. What should he do? Have you been in a similar situation? Let’s read this article to know more.

Rohit was unsure of how to make the transition from friend to boyfriend. He didn't want to risk losing Priya as a friend if she didn't feel the same way, but he also didn't want to continue just being her friend when he had deeper feelings for her.


Here are some tips on how Rohit, and anyone else in a similar situation, can make the transition from friend to boyfriend for their crush:


  1. Communicate openly and honestly: The first step in making the transition from friend to boyfriend is to communicate openly and honestly with your crush about your feelings. Let them know that you have developed feelings for them that go beyond just friendship, and ask if they feel the same way. This can be a scary conversation to have, but it's important, to be honest, and direct about your intentions. Rohit can always write his feelings down on a pen and paper if he is too shy to say them out loud. ‘I want to be more than just your friend’ can be a good line to start with or ‘I love being your friend but I can’t help but wonder how wonderful it would be if we were more than friends.’


  1. Spend quality time together: Spend time alone with your crush, doing things that couples typically do. This will help create a romantic atmosphere and give your crush a clear signal that you are interested in more than just friendship. Go out for a long drive, take them out for a movie, coffee, or even in a park. 


  1. Be attentive and romantic: Being attentive and romantic towards your crush is a great way to show that you are interested in more than just friendship. Compliment them, send them sweet texts, and do things that make them feel special. If she likes a particular flavour of chocolate like Dairy Milk Silk - maybe you can get one for her. Even calling them up every night to say good night can be a nice idea! 


  1. Hang in there: Making the transition from friend to boyfriend/girlfriend can take time, and it's important to be patient. If your crush doesn't feel the same way, give them time to come around. And if they do feel the same way, be patient as you navigate this new chapter in your relationship. But if they do not, please do not force them to be in a relationship that they do not want to be in. It’s best to move on and find someone who will reciprocate your feelings. 

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed.  

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