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Why do boys only like slim girls?

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Priya never thought that someone would call her fat, but when her boyfriend did she realized that men actually only like slim girls. Sometimes, a person is not fat because of choice but it could be because of medical reasons. Read Priya's story here.

I never thought my first love would do this!

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Pakhi, sharing her story with Love Matters India, talks about her relationship that went from happy to hurtful when her boyfriend started making fun of her interests and dreams. With her sister's support, she found the courage to do something, which she thought was impossible. Read more to find out!

How to say ‘no’?

Love and relationships
Sahil is friends with Avantika - a girl in his class. They both joke with each other but Avantika now wants to be his girlfriend. Sahil likes her as a friend but has no other feelings for her. If he says no to her, he is afraid to lose a friend. How will he face her every day in class? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Love Matters has some good tips on saying no, at any stage of the relationship. Let’s begin.

I want to be a bf/gf and not a friend - but how?

Love and relationships
Rohit and Priya had been best friends since childhood. They did everything together, from playing video games to going to each other’s houses for birthdays. They confided in each other and always had each other's backs. However, as they grew up, Rohit realized that he had developed feelings for Priya that went beyond just friendship. He wanted to be more than just her friend, he wanted to be her boyfriend. What should he do? Have you been in a similar situation? Let’s read this article to know more.

Does he like me or love me?

Love and relationships
Riya and Anoop are good friends in college. They talk to each other every day and tell each other all their secrets. Their friends tease them that they should get married to each other so Riya too assumes that Anoop loves her. However, she just learnt that Anoop told his friends that he just likes her. So what’s the difference between loving someone and just liking them as a friend? How can one figure it out? Let’s find out.

How to manage relationships during stressful times

Love and relationships
Almost every couple faces stressful times. Some survive that by remaining quiet or withdrawing while others vent out at each other and there may be a few relationships that even developed a special bonding during those stressful times. What’s the best way to tackle stress in any relationship? Let’s delve deeper into it.

'How can you think about this before marriage?’

Love and relationships
When Ritika told her boyfriend about her desire to kiss, he mocked her for saying so ‘despite being a girl’. Can't a girl have physical desires, Ritika asks, as she shares her story with Love Matters.

Shani ki dasha this year, what to do?

Love and relationships
Hi Aunty ji, my horoscope says this year is not good for any relationships, what to do? Ankita, 22, Baroda.