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She betrayed me!

“He was a friend after all. He knew I was going out with her. But on that fateful night when I found them together, it left a bitter scar,” says Ronith. He shares his hurtful love story with us.

Ronith (name changed) is a 18-year-old student living in Shantiniketan. He shares his love story with us. 

I met Swati on Facebook when I was in class six. We would chat often. She was based in Kolkata while I lived in Shantiniketan, about 160 km away. In class seven, her parents shifted to Shantiniketan, to their ancestral home. That’s when we met in person for the first time.

We liked hanging out with each other. When a couple of my friends saw us together, they started calling us a couple. I liked knowing that I had someone who cared about me. She would share her feelings with me, trust me and I felt that we were almost the best of friends. When she kissed me on my 14th birthday, I officially accepted the tag of a boyfriend.

After two years, it was time for her to shift back to Kolkata. We were sad but couldn’t do much, especially because her parents had made up their minds. We promised to use our phones to stay in touch and try and visit each other regularly. Our love story was going to win over distance, i was sure! 

Suspicious motorbike

We met a handful of times that year. Then came the Poush Mela – an annual festival celebrated in Shantiniketan in December. I was hoping she would come visit with her parents. I was eagerly looking forward to it. But when I asked her on the day before the mela, she said that her parents weren’t planning to go that year.

I had just started riding a motorbike then. My parents were not in town so my friend who was officially allowed to ride the bike picked me up. We practised riding the bike, checked out the mela and then were returning home a little before 11pm.

We passed by Swati’s ancestral home in Shantiniketan. It was in darkness. But one of my friend’s motorbike was parked near her gate. It was hard to miss the bike as it was the only model in town with a florescent sign on the number plate.


Ugly confrontation

What could Shitij’s bike be doing at Swati’s house? They had met once because of me. She had become friends with him on Facebook. He was a third year engineering student, so why was he there?

I decided to investigate. I jumped over the low fencing of her house in the cover of the darkness and moved up the stairs on the outside. I stood outside her room and heard some moans and groans. I am so sure that they were making out or maybe I was just imagining things.

I went back to my friend who was waiting outside. I called Swati using my friend’s mobile phone. I asked her, “Where are you?” and she said, “Why? I am in Kolkata.” I was like, are you sure? And after a long pause, she replied, “I am in Shantiniketan.” Before I could say anything else she actually handed the phone to Shitij. I knew it was the end of my love story

Anger management

I was so angry. I could feel a curtain of red mist in front of my eyes and I just wanted to go in and break Shitij’s head. Talking to him didn’t help. We had a heated argument. He said things which I would never like to hear ever again.

I wanted to barge into the house and break something but my friend stopped me. He tried to calm me down.

We decided to wait outside her house. It might not seem logical now but I so wanted to face them both together. That typical cold December night when we waited outside her house was one of the worst nights of my life.

Shitij came out of the house at 4:30 am. And we fought, physically and verbally. My friend somehow stepped in and took me home. I was hurt, emotionally more than physically. I never saw her ever again and I will never forget that she had betrayed my trust

But what was worse is that somehow my parents found out that there was a fist fight that I had been involved in, I was grounded and then taken to a shrink. Seriously, I didn’t know that there was a shrink culture in India too until then.

My shrink says that I have anger issues. I say that six months down, I am learning not to care about a girl called Swati.Will i ever have another love story in life? I don't know! 

Has someone ever betrayed your trust or cheated on you? How did you feel? Do you have a love story? Leave your comments below or via Facebook

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