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I follow a girl every day, will she see my love?

By Auntyji Thursday, March 15, 2018 - 10:45
Hi Auntyji, I really like this girl and want to make her my girlfriend. So I follow her wherever she goes, the whole day. Do you think she will see my dedication to her? Harish, 23, Delhi.

Auntyji says, ‘Beta Harish, what is it that you young people say, OMG? Read on, beta, yeh toh OMG ho gaya!’

Let her know

Did you say see your dedication? Beta ji this is more like your dead- ication! Nahin puttar nahin! Dedication ka toh pata nahi but it is quite possible you may be seen – behind bars! Beta, ek complaint and you are IN. Not in her good books, but in police records. You may even have to spend a night – not in her house but in the police thaana!

Samjha beta? Hun you are chasing her, following her, aagge piche. Wherever she goes, your face pops up from behind the bushes! Oye hoye! Beta whats her marzi, have you asked, found out? What’s her interest in you and your this sort of ‘display of love’? If she gets furious with your unique style of showing love, Harish puttar, you will become from love bird to jail bird!

Let her decide

Beta, pyaar is not a zabardasti. Just because you love her she does not have to love you back. Ishq pe puttar, koi zore nahin! She too has to love and adore you for the attention you are giving her (bhale hee from your heart) but she has to reciprocate that, no? She too has to show some agreement, some sehmati varna to beta ji, it’s all a one way street! What use is that?

Chasing, following, sending repeated online message and texts, however ‘innocent’ you may think they are – is stalking, is harassment, is a punishable act! Be you a boy or girl or a bit of both, betaji, no sehmati – then no more liberty! All this you see in films, ‘tera peecha karoon to rokene ka nahin’, is just another way of condoning and legitimising acts of harassment and misdemeanour. Na puttar na!

The two way streetcar...named desire

Once lovers get together – in love and in aadar, in pyaar and in respect, in consent and sehmati, aahahaha, then the khushboo is like old basmati – wafting everywhere. And if one person is continuing with their own agenda and ‘display of love and affection’ and the other is dying of shame, anger and embarrassment, then puttar, tussi galt kitta!

You made the wrong moves and perhaps landed up losing that one person who you wanted to win over. Afsos. Police, mummy, daddy and padosi got to know, wo alag! Not so cool after all. Showing your love and interest is great. It needs a lot of creativity and guts but only if it is not hurting or offending the other person. Now one day, if you decide to write, ‘I love you kkkKiran’ on the walls of the college, all the college ki Kirans will rain down on you and police ki varsha wo alag.

Check – confirm - proceed

So your first step should be – check the waters and her interest. Once she also feels same, then confirm if she is OK with your ways of expressing dedication. Then do what works for you and remember the same applies to her!

*Names changed. 

*To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model. 

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