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It’s time for self care - think right to feel right!

In simple words - self care means caring about yourself - emotionally, mentally and even physically. But how do you do that? We have got a few things for you to think about!

And a few things to do (covered in a separate article here). Shall we begin?

  1. Choose positivity: Wake up to your favourite song each morning, or just sleep an hour or two earlier at night to ensure that you are not too groggy in the morning. Hug your parents, sibling, partner or anyone you like ( can be your pet too!) when you wake up. 

  2. Mind your words: All the locking in and not going out can make you feel frustrated, so it’s normal to get angry. We all have bad days, but how you choose to speak to others ricochets back to how people will speak to you. Count till ten when you get angry. Learn to hold back hurtful words. 

  3. Speak up: Did not like what your mom said about your friend? Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have? Talk about it rather than holding up your feelings inside. Holding up feelings inside you will only lead to you getting frustrated and angry. So, speak up! The other person will not know how you feel unless you talk about it. 

  4. Give space to yourself and others: You don’t have to be with your partner and family all the time. Take out time for yourself - alone. Do things you like to do - reading, catching up with your friends/colleagues over the phone, gardening, or even just sleeping. It will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

  5. Don’t hold back: This may be a tough period to express or act on sexual desires. But hey what about the good old masturbation – and sexting (if you have a partner and they consent). Don’t hold yourself back (as it will only lead to unnecessary frustration), but do be as discreet and respect other people’s privacy.  Go to a separate room of the house and satisfy your desires.

And last but not the least. If you’re feeling (or literally are) isolated, need help on matters on love, sex and relationships and don’t know where to seek help, Love Matters hai na! We also have an online forum called Let’s Talk where you can ask your queries and we will get back to you soon! 

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