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I won’t shed another tear for him

I never knew I was in an abusive relationship until two days ago, when I read an article on your website titled, “Dealing with an abusive partner.”

By JustAnotherGirl (pseudonym to protect identity).

“Each outburst would be followed by, ‘Sorry I didn’t mean that.’” Until two days ago, I had only felt utmost guilt for leaving him. My family supported me. My friends applauded me for doing the right thing. My conscience also waved a green flag at me. And yet, there was this inkling of guilt bothering me day in, day out.

Sadly, I think, most of us who are in abusive relationships give in so much to our partners that there is no space left for us. Their persona engulfs our thoughts, our personal space so much so that we start thinking like them, even without realising it. We start burying our thoughts, decisions – almost everything to make space for their inflated egos.


When I met my ex 12 years ago, he was the most popular guy in school. I was in awe of him, and perhaps he realised it and took advantage of it. Very soon, after we started dating, he would ask me to lie to my parents, go out on secret dates, and stay out late in the evenings.

And I did. At that time, it felt so adventurous. And whenever, I didn’t agree or relent to something, he would either fight with me or resort to blackmailing. The most common lines were, “I will jump off the roof if you don’t come to see me” or “I will cut my wrists if you don’t listen to me.” He had a foul temper and slowly, I resorted to do everything his way so that he wouldn’t fight with me or become angry.

Guilt trips

Guilt. That was his game. And he played it so well that before I knew it, I had started blaming myself for everything wrong that happened in our life. Instead of speaking up, I became quieter to avoid any more fights. I would bear in mind, dos and don’ts so that things would go on smoothly.

Fast forward to 2014. Many break ups and patch ups later, we had finally told our families about our intention to get hitched for life. During these years, he had almost ruined my college life, made me lose friends and also hit me once in anger. And yet, I foolishly, decided to marry this guy! I believed in all of his lies, his false promises of love, his desire to find peace in me and no one else.

Wedding cancelled

And then, this selfish man started manipulating me against my parents. He would start unnecessary fights with me about something silly that had happened at my parents’ home or something one of my parents had said. He even declared to me at one point that he would not let me see my parents after our wedding. And I was so hell bent on saving this relationship that I quarrelled with my parents too.

This relationship, although highly toxic, had become my life and I couldn’t picture my life in any other way. I was running in a vicious circle with no way out. Or so it seemed to me.

And then, he cancelled it. He cancelled the wedding giving reason that I didn’t deserve to be his wife and that my parents were abusive towards him.

Guilt free at last

At first, I went into shock. I had devoted 12 years of my life to this person and he just walked away. I could not speak. I could not eat, talk or do anything for the next two days.

But as the weeks went by with no response from him, I started feeling better. I felt free. Free from the worries, free from the fights, free from my fear of him. But the guilt lingered. He had played his game well.

So, although my conscience waved a green flag at me, another part of me started blaming me for ruining the relationship. Until two days ago. So, the only purpose of me writing this post is to say thank you. For helping me getting rid of that last monster off my back.

The model in the picture isn't JustAnotherGirl.

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Been through an abusive relationship similar to urs....Wasted an year of my life.... This feeling of no hav to make it work is somethin which is an alarm for a girl.... Lesson learnt when our parents dont feel good about the guy or even people around dont accept the person.... Consider there perspective and think with evry1's perspective because then there is something seriously wrong in the relationship and that other person..... That will surely help in making decission. We should be glad that the other person saved our life by ditching us and teaching us a lesson of lifetime... You will understand this better when u will get a guy all oppositive to what he was... And how much you will be able cherry your next relationship bec of sour one....All the very best for future...... :)
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