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‘He is at home all day, so...’

Domestic abuse and violence saw a sharp rise during the COVID-19 linked lockdowns globally. In India too, the numbers doubled. Love Matters India brings you stories of despair from across the country.

Domestic violence: The way out

Domestic violence is a legally punishable offense in India.Yet one in three women between the ages of 15 face violence at home. It also rose sharply during the COVID-19 lockdowns. This violence can be physical, sexual, emotional or even financial. If you are suffering from it, what can you do to break the cycle? We bring to you some practical advice and tips.

Thappad – A slap on ‘chalta hai’ attitude in marriage

Thappad shows the reality of many Indian households where men can do anything and get away with it easily – even physical abuse! Love Matters condemns domestic violence and gives Thappad it’s stamp of approval for shining a spotlight on this issue.

‘If you leave me, I’ll die’

She knew that their relationship was heading no where and yet she was caught in it. He had her intimate pictures and could blackmail her. She tells Love Matters India what she did to get out of that messy situation.

Blackmail in relationships: Top facts

Being in love is an amazing feeling – but not for everyone. Relationships occasionally turn sour and can lead to abuse of various kinds. One such form of abuse is blackmailing. Love Matters India helps you understand blackmail and how to deal with it.

Yes, we all feed violence against women: Here’s how to stop it now

One in three women have experienced violence in their lifetime. Most often when we think of violence against women, we think of women being raped by strangers or burnt by their in-laws. While this is true, violence can also occur in so called ‘normal’ everyday situations that we often ignore because they seem inconsequential. But they are not. We all play a role in creating a culture in which violence against women grows and therefore we all have the responsibility to change it. Here’s what we can do to end the culture of violence around us.

He slapped and pushed me to the wall

Kumar started dating Sharad in 2013 after a casual Facebook chat. They both had some behavioural issues but things took an ugly turn when they started living together. Kumar was controlling and Sharad started abusing physically and verbally. Kumar tells us their story...

Kya Yahi Pyar Hain? The other side of love

Can Love hurt? We are not talking about a heart break here. Can it REALLY hurt - physically, mentally and emotionally?

Does your partner dominate you? Here is what you can do

Have you ever gone out with someone who dominates you? A lack of freedom does not a happy relationship make, according to recent research. Read on to find out what you can do when you have no control.

He controlled my life and I thought it was love!

Nisha*, a creative designer from Delhi was raised in a very liberal, open-minded family where girls were treated no lesser than boys. However, her marriage to Gaurang*, who abused her physically and mentally, shattered her confidence.

Intimate Partner Stalking: Top 5 Myths

A classic type of intimate partner violence (IPV) is when a person tries to track and control his or her partner's behaviour. That's when showing a keen interest in a partner's life crosses the line into abuse. Check out our top five myths about intimate partner stalking.

My husband was raping me – I pretended everything was fine

Marital rape is a hidden form of sexual violence. Since it happens inside what should be the safety of a marriage, victims often find it hard to get support. Nina Mathur shares her experience and tells us how it is also interrelated with other forms of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), better known as domestic violence.