I'm falling for my ex

'I'm falling for my ex'

“I think I’ve fallen in love with him again,” says Namrata. She started seeing Rishi when they were about 15 only to find out later that he had become a possessive partner. “He wanted to control everything. I had no option but to break up.”

Namrata (name changed) is a 24-year-old Public Relations professional in Bangalore

Our relationship ended two years ago, it was my decision to end things with him but not being together felt like a shock to my system. We have known each other all our lives and been together for six years; after we broke up I was still struggling to imagine a life without him in it.

StifledI knew he had always cared about me but I didn’t think that was enough. Honestly there was a long list of reasons why I left him but the biggest one was jealousy. When I started my first job after college he couldn’t accept the fact that my social life didn’t just revolve around him anymore.

In the space of a few months he had become very possessive and insecure. He wanted to control everything I did and I was feeling so stifled that I had to get out of the relationship.

Amazing conversationsAfter our break he had moved abroad to do his masters and I was sure that in a year or two we would completely slip out of each other’s lives. But around 6 months after our break up he reached out to me via email. He said that we might not have worked out as a couple but he didn’t want to lose our friendship and I agreed with him.

Since then we’ve been mailing each other regularly and having long Skype conversations. It’s been great – since we reconnected I have sensed him becoming a happier, funnier and more self-assured person and our emails and conversations have been so amazing. We might be on two different continents but I think we’re completely clued into each other’s issues, thoughts and life.

Scared he’ll choose herA few months back he told me that he has started seeing someone. I pretended really, really hard to be happy for him but the truth is that I’m miserable. I’ve got used to the close bond we’ve formed since our break up and I want more. He has changed so much and I’m genuinely attracted to this new person he has become.

I’ve known him for so long that I always assumed he will be in my life in one way or another. But since he started seeing someone I’ve realized that this might not happen. He has told her about our past and she is uncomfortable about our friendship. Now I’m scared that he will choose her over me. It seems impossible but I think I’ve fallen in love with him again.



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