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COVID-19 and stress - Answers to your questions

Love Matters India organised five youth consultations across the country on the Coronavirus Pandemic. In these consultations, concerns and challenges caused by the pandemic were discussed with college students. Lockdown, school/college closures, illness in the family, financial difficulties and vaccine hesitancy featured in the discussion. Love Matters also compiled a list of questions young people had on their minds with regard to the pandemic. On this page, we are publishing answers to the questions asked during the consultations about the COVID-19 vaccine.

After listening to the troubles of others, our stress also goes high. What can we do about that?

Yes, that is true. Try to stay positive by being in the company of positive and like-minded people and talking to them regularly. Try to help people in need (by maintaining social distancing). You can also try prayers, meditation, yoga or some other form of regular exercise as it is known to reduce stress.

After listening to others talk about the disease, it seems that we have become ill. There is constant tension whether one has Corona or not. What to do about that?

You can reduce your consumption of information related to Corona especially over social media. Find a trustworthy source like a newspaper or a reliable Instagram or YouTube channel that can make sure you have all the necessary information. But besides that, you can reduce your exposure to corona related information by not watching all WhatsApp forwards or YouTube videos. You can also politely tell others if you do not want to talk about the topic. They will understand. Discussion on a different topic will help them calm down as well.

Even normal cold fever causes tension nowadays - because of fear of Corona. What should be done about that?

Yes, the symptoms are pretty similar for both common cold/fever and Corona. But if you suspect you were in contact with someone who had Covid-19, or went outside without a mask etc, it is always better to get tested and check the result. A negative result is always better than worrying about it the whole time. Even if your report is positive, remember that most people recover from Corona at home and very few people need hospitalisation. Testing will ensure that you are certain of what your situation is and take better decisions for your own health and also protect others.

We do not go to the doctor because we fear that we will become corona positive if he test us.

Think of it in a positive way. If you are indeed Corona positive, the doctor will be able to help you get well sooner and you will not infect other people at your home. Not only will you get better earlier but also save other members of your family from getting infected from you. However, if you do not go to doctor or take the test, not only can your condition deteriorate but you will also spread the infection to others around you.

During the Corona period, we had to suppress our desires. There was no enthusiasm in weddings etc either. What to do with such a feeling?

Jaan hai to jahan hai - aapne suna to hoga? You must have heard this. The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us one important thing - health is wealth. If you have good health, you are disease free, you can do anything in this life, including fulfilling your wishes such as enjoying weddings like festivities. You can always have a get together with your family and friends once things come back to normal and celebrate with each other. So many people have lost their lives and loved ones in this pandemic. We should be thankful to almighty that we all are here, talking to each other, and survived this pandemic. These two years have been undoubtedly tough but hope sustains life. We are hopeful and determined that we will rise and shine again. Take all the learnings that you gained from these last two years - about valuing your family, health, loved ones and surviving on the bare minimum and consider it as a valuable experience rather than thinking it as years getting wasted.

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