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'I feel frustrated sitting at home all day'

Men are out of work and sitting at home, food is scarce, women are managing households without help.There is a shortage of food, other essentials, lots of anger and frustration. But there are also smiles. Love Matters India asked young people and their families in Bihar about how they are coping in these difficult times.

Back to using a cloth

My stock of sanitary pads has finished. I will again have to adopt the same old method – cotton cloth. I will have to be very careful for the risk of infection.

Janaki Kumari, 18, student

Fights and frustrations

Men are home all day. I have to do all the arrangements at home - food, cleaning, cooking. I am so stressed that it has affected my health. I also had a fight with my husband. 

Sadia Khatoon, 40, housewife

No income

I feel sick staying at home. I have never stayed home for so long. I used to feel happier when out. I am not able to get any money for school and tuition. Papa too is not going for work. Our household income has reduced drastically. 

Rabia, 21, teacher 

TV all day

I am frustrated sitting at home inside a closed door. I have a headache after watching TV all day. 

Disha Kumari, 19, student

Marriage woes 

The date for my daughter’s marriage was fixed for April 24. Now I am stressed that we will have to change the date. It will cost so much. My daughter is getting nervous watching news all day on TV and keeps asking what will happen. I have to take care of her too. 

Rama, 39, Asha worker  

No pocket money 

Whatever money I had saved for myself, I now have to take out to buy food and vegetables. I do not get any pocket money either. 

Karuna, 18, student 

No pads

We had a beauty parlour in our village where we used to get sanitary napkins. However, with that now closed, I do not know where to go. 

Sarika, 21, housewife 

Tough times ahead

Right now I have some pads but I am also using cloth. I take care of my hygiene and use cotton cloth only. I know lockdown will go for a long time and we will have more difficulties. 

Nazneen, 20, teacher

Making chapatis

I have learned to do household work - like making chapatis. I used to stay alone earlier but now it feels good to stay with parents. 

Rakesh Kumar, 23, bank employee 

No pleasures

I do not masturbate. People in my village have also decided not to have sex with girls because of Corona virus. They think that we could get infected due to sex. 

Rajesh, 20, college student 

Can’t buy 

I do not have soap and shampoo. I cannot buy them because I have no money. The local authorities gave us a small Dettol soap hand wash. Let’s see how many days it will last. 

Azim Khan, 27, tailor 

Missing bf

I am trying to adjust as much as I can. I had to meet my boyfriend on April 1 but now there is no chance. 

Divya, 19, student

Where to live?

I had never thought that such a day would come. Everything is so expensive. Shops have not opened. I live in a rented accommodation and now the house owner is saying that I should vacate the house. 

Arjun, 24, govt employee 

Stress of EMI

I purchased my phone on loan. I don’t know how I will manage the EMI without my tuition classes. I have no income. I am so stressed because of this. 

Raju, 22, runs a coaching centre 

No money 

I feel so weak because I am not getting enough food to eat. We do not have money to buy the essentials. I wonder how we will survive in the coming months. 

Khalid, 21, daily wage labourer 

Salary woes 

We are facing difficult times. I work at the hospital but others might not get their salaries.

Suraj, 23, hospital staff

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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