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Female virginity: top five facts

By Stephanie Haase Friday, February 28, 2014 - 20:32
Even today, in many cultures it's very important for a girl to be a virgin when she gets married. And there are many myths and misconceptions around virginity, so read this week's top five facts to learn all you need to know.
  1. What is virginity all about?
    There is no single way to define virginity. There are many different views on who is considered a virgin. To start with, when we talk about virgins, we mostly mean women. Virginity in men isn't very important in many societies. Most of the time, people believe that women who have never had vaginal sex are virgins. To others, even having had genital contact, or oral or anal sex, means that they are no longer virgins.

    The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that virgins were independent of men, which was a good thing to them. Only later did this change to a woman being 'unspoiled' and upholding a family's honour if she got married a virgin. Also, because birth control methods were either unavailable or working badly, staying a virgin meant avoiding to get pregnant outside of marriage.  
  2. The hymen
    The hymen is the holy grail of virginity. It's a very fragile piece of skin at the entrance of the vagina. It's part of the vulva and outside the vagina, not deep within. The hymen is very elastic, so sometimes vaginal sex or even giving birth won't make it tear. And in some women, it tears without sex, for example during a fall or by stretching.

    It doesn't take force to break the hymen. In fact, being gentle when having sex for the first time can make the experience more pleasant and avoids pain.

    It also is a common misconception that a woman bleeds when the hymen is torn. This isn't always the case. So if there isn't any blood when a woman has sex for the first time, it's doesn't mean that she isn't a virgin.

    Lastly, even very experienced doctors aren't able to tell for certain whether or not a woman is a virgin, so virginity testing is not at all reliable. There's only one way to find out if a woman is a virgin: asking her and believing her answer.  
    A short, snappy video about virginity and the hymen:
  • Hymenorrhaphy
    This big word means restoring the hymen in women who no longer have an intact hymen. In a surgery, the edges of the hymen are pulled back together, so that it looks like the woman hasn't had vaginal sex or her hymen torn in any other way. It takes about 30 minutes and is done with local anesthesia only, which makes it a pretty safe procedure. Usually, you won't be able to see any scars around the hymen. The procedure isn't cheap though, depending on where you are.
  • Womb fury
    A few hundred years ago, doctors thought that having a hymen would give women diseases, such as so-called 'womb-fury'. They thought women would get hysteric if they had a hymen. They also thought that if untreated, these diseases could kill you. The cure for womb fury was marriage and hence sex, because sex would tear the hymen and the woman would be healed.  
  • Virginity – a risk to women?
    Many people who believe in virginity to be a virtue say that virginity protects women and girls. But unfortunately, putting such a high value on virginity puts girls and women at risk of violence, abuse and assault by those who think a woman’s worth is connected to her sexual behavior. In many conservative parts of the world, for example, raping a girl to lower her dowry or to punish her family is rather common.

    Also, in order to 'protect' women and girls from having sex, methods like female genital cutting are used, putting them at high risk of life-long health issues and even death.  

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i dnt think so virginity is so important. nowadays social media life fb, whtsapp nd wechat... are enough fr youths in india to loose virginity.. seriously affecting d youths... as they easily fell attracted to opposite sex..
Mon, 04/27/2015 - 20:06
it is important one gets a have dignity in all reletionships she involve herself to,self controll and respect of her well being well idk abwt men.
Tue, 05/05/2015 - 22:07
Virginity is some times imp becoz it brungs d faith in between d lovers . it brings d feeling f "only urs" in between d partners.helps to trust nd respect each odr. D feeling of "nly fr u"
monu rohilla
Thu, 03/10/2016 - 16:41
Every one have the r8 to live life as he or she want ....i lhink in love viginitiy is nothing.....if some one nt accept this its mean he give priority to sex...if a girl ask u ..r u virgin? What evidence u give her....think it.....Qmihj
Umar Jyoti Jagaddeb
Thu, 03/24/2016 - 12:58
Virginity is only a word. Loyalty is more important than virginity. My partner might not be virgin, but I expect her to be loyal & truthful.
Muhammad Iqbal
Thu, 03/24/2016 - 19:50
i think virginity is very important for a women to trusted , respected and loved by her husband till death. otherwise it will create a lot of questions in partners mind. now as per the killing diseases are concerned . i think a girl should discuss with her perents openly when attain maturity that she is willing to get marry and i think its the best way by which a girl could maintain her honour and could be safe as well.
the conception that women should b a virgin n itz notimportant for men to b a virgin is wrong...Ohh comeonn!! A man looses his virginity wid a women so if u dnt have problem wid man loosing his virginity..u should not have problem with that women too..n yes we dnt need to do sex for making ur partner beleiv tht u r only his....ur trust..ur care is enough for him/her Love n Sex are two different things........dnt Mix it up!!
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