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Welcome to Love Matters!

Love Matters is your one-stop website for blush-free (no haws here!) facts and stories about love, sex and relationships. Come on in and look around how we provide sex education in a fun way!

Love Matters is a place to talk about love, sex and relationships. Yes, sex! You read that right! We see sex as a wonderful thing to explore, share, and enjoy. 

We provide positive (no scary stuff!) information on sex for you to make an informed choice about your sex life. So if you want to know more about sex in a fun, open and non-judgmental way, this is your website. 

You can also ask questions to our sexperts (yes that’s a real profession!) who will provide confidential, 1-2-1 and scientific advice on issues that matter to you.

And if you feel already know about sex (we could take a test!), then come read our stories, talk to Auntyji or check out our videos! We have a lot of cool and fun stuff for you! 

Here’s what we have got going to give you awesome sex education!

Sex gyaan 

Yes, everything you need to know about sex, we have got it covered. Check out our resource pages. We explain all that complicated stuff (you slept through in Biology class!) in an easy and simple way. And here’s the best part, if you still don’t understand something, just ask! 

Let’s Talk 

Let’s Talk is our helpline on all things love, sex and relationship. You can post your questions on this platform 24X7. Ask us your doubts and queries in Hindi and English language and our sexperts ( experts on sex education) will try to get back to you with a solution in 24 to 48 hours. 

Your stories 

People tell us stuff. Yes, real stuff. Stuff that matters to them! Matters of heart (or heartbreak), dating (or not finding a date), first kiss (or the last), first time making out (or messing up), using condoms (or not using them) – we cover it all! Tempted? Read our very popular stories here

Auntyji is in town

Have you ever chatted to an aunt about sex? Well, our really cool Auntyji not only talks about it, she can tell you the best ways to go about it. She is super cool, does not judge, and answers your personal questions. Click here for the answers to the questions that our readers asked. She will provide you sex educationYou will understand why she is the coolest Aunty in town! 

Public sab jaanti hai

We love to give gyaan but love getting it back too! So come tell us what you think about:

Arranged marriage vs love marriage

Sex after or before marriage

Is masturbation for boys and girls?

Do girls watch porn?

We have had tons of thoughts from young people like yourselves! Also, don’t forget to tell us what else should we ask the janta! Because ye jo public hain, ye sab jaant hai

We are social!

If you love us, then make us a part of your family - the one you have on social media and spend more time with! Choose the medium you like and join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram or TikTok too. We have got a lot of fun stuff happening on social. You wouldn’t wanna miss it! 

Just WhatsApp 

..jine mil na paaye unko WhatsApp kar dia

Yes, we are on WhatsApp too. If you want to subscribe to our tips on love, pyaar, sex and even dhokha...message us on +91 9650041107.

Hindi main bhi! 

Love has many languages. So does sex educationBut in Hindi its super special! All our articles are also available in English. Ji haan Hindi main bhi hum aap se yeh saari jaankari share karte hain. Humare saare articles Hindi and English dono mein available hain. Hamari Hindi website pe jaana bahut asaan hai. Bas har article ke top right main Hindi wale button pe click kijiye and you will see it in Hindi language. The link to the homepage of our Hindi website link is here.

What do you think?

We'd love to know what you think about Love Matters. Leave a comment below, or head to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and let us know. 

Did you get sex education classes in your school? Share with Love Matters (LM) on our Facebook page. If you have a specific question, please ask LM experts on our discussion forum.

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