Mixed race relationships

Top 7 facts about mixed race relationships

By Stephanie Haase Friday, September 9, 2016 - 11:58
Globalisation has reached our love lives. The world and its people is one big oyster and interracial relationships are on a rise. Check out some facts here!
  1. They are very common
    Interracial relationships are getting more and more common in our lives. It may not end racism tomorrow, but interracial relationships can help to slowly reduce the boundaries between ethnicities.

    It’s no longer weird when you see a mixed race couple in movies or TV shows. Until few years ago, interracial couples were blatantly gawked at or discriminated against.
  2. Who dates interracially?
    There is little research on interracial couples, but here is what we know. College students are more likely to date someone of a different race or ethnicity. Younger people seem to be more open to it than older people. Those with more diverse backgrounds (so, for example, having interracial couples in your own family) are generally more curious.
  3. Who dates whom?
    In the US, less than one per cent of all interracial married couples are two non-white spouses. The big majority of interracial couples has at least one white partner in it. Why? Sociologists are yet to find out.

    Yet black-white marriages are still the least likely in America. Native Americans and Asians have the highest rates of marrying outside their race.
  4. Marriage? Maybe.
    Interracial relationships are slightly less likely to lead to marriage or a long-term commitment like moving in together. While of course not all relationships end in marriage, one in four same-race couples end up taking their relationship to a more serious level. For mixed race couples, the chance is one in five.

    Interracial couples are unfortunately also more likely to get divorced. The couples that stay together are often older and more educated, it seems.
  5. Serially love-struck
    People who have been in interracial relationships are more likely to get into another mixed relationship, research found. And not just a few but a whopping 92 per cent!

    That’s partly due to the fact that there is less and less segregation, and you will meet more people of different races than you would have a few decades ago.
  6. Judgment from friends and family
    If you are in an interracial relationship, you will unfortunately encounter stares, looks of disapproval and judgment at times. It can come from strangers, while you are walking down the street with your partner, or having a meal at a restaurant, or shopping, or at any other time.

    While that can make you uncomfortable, what hurts more is the judgment from those you love: your friends and family. Don’t let them make you insecure. You are the only one who can decide who you want to have a relationship with.
  7. Differences: the good and the bad
    Differences can make any relationship difficult. Whether it’s religion, caste or language, it’s bound to cause problems. And race isn’t any different.

    On the other hand, one of the great things about interracial relationships is that you get exposed to new cultures, religions, languages and traditions. You may get to travel to places you didn’t think you’d visit, and you’ll get the unique local experience.

    If you can deal with the differences and learn from each other, you have a recipe for relationship success!

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