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So what’s the Good Newwz?

So before the year ended, we got Good Newwz! Yes, we are talking about Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Diljeet Dosanjh and Kiara Advani’s Good Newwz! But we also have another good news for you!

With this film, we are starting Love Matters Movie Reviews!

Here, we will review each for how it has portrayed Love, Sex and Relationships.

The movie that gives Love Matter style pleasure, it will get LM’s hearty treasure!

And where it loses the sight of consent, it will meet the Love Matters Monster! 

So shall we begin?

So the story goes like this. Our bro Akshya Kumar is married to our soni kudi Kareena Kapoor - Mr and Mrs Batra. Mrs Batra is ovulating.

Ova… what? Arey, should have read it on Love Matters na! Never mind, it means that the ovaries have released an egg and if it meets Mr Batra’s sperm, they can have a baby.

But just like all other Bollywood papas, or for that matter the entire country’s papas, Mr Batra is very reluctant! Yaar, when all the papas don’t want a kid, how did we get to our kind of population! Well whatever…!

So after this ‘yes-no yes-no’ play and after Kareena is asked by all the kaki-dadis of the family why they have not had a bachacha, Batras reach a fertility clinic. F for fertility. That’s the body’s capability to reproduce. Arey this is a Love Matters class now!

So this is where the gadbad begins. And another Mr and Mrs Batra, played by Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani, enter the scene.

So Batras and Batras head for IVF, to take a little help from science. And if you don’t know much about IVF, please do watch this film. In one scene, we almost fall in love with the machines!

Now that all our leading ladies and gentlemen are Batras, during the IVF process, there is a SPAM mix!

Arey, this isn’t your email SPAM mix where your junk email land in my inbox and my precious email lands in yours!

The Good Newwz team felt that calling sperm SPAM would be quite funny…so in the entire film, they call sperm, spam!

Come to think of it! The way they are produced in the human body, millions at a time, they are pretty spammy!

Now after this SPAM mix. Papas are pretty tensed. First, they didn’t want a kid. And now it’s my blood vs your blood! One Batra daddy doesn’t other Batra papa’s kid. And the other Batra papa is tensed that the other Batras will not take good care of his blood.

Now its Batra vs Batra. Now in this entire episode, Batra ladies are sidelined. While the boys battle it out, our pregnant ladies figure out the mantra to a stress free life! Girl bonding over spicy golgappas. Yes girls, Kareena and Kiara have a great tip for you! If you are ever in doubt, especially about that messy relationship, think it over teekha golgappas! Love ki kasam, kaan mein dhuye ke saath clarity bhi niklegi!

Now how does this Spam vs Spam story end…for that you will have to watch the movie. But just as a famous Bollywood Maa once said…'Bachcha hone ke baad sab theek ho jata hai’…it all comes to a sweet end for all the four Batras of Good Newwz.

So how do we rate Good Newwz? For its comedy, we give Good Newwz four hearts!

But for some really stone age dialogues – apna khun toh apna hee hota hain and abortion is murder – we also send Good Newwz four monsters!

IVF, adoption and abortion are all personal choices and they are all good. To demean any personal choice is not COOL!

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