Insecure about cheating?

What if your partner cheated on you…

Insecure about your partner cheating on you? How would you react if you found out they did? We asked some Mumbaikars the same question. Here’s what they think…

‘I’ll simply move on’

-Afsha Khan (22), biotechnology student.

I would be very upset if my boyfriend cheated on me. I would never be able to come to terms with him sharing his love with someone else. If he cheats on me and I come to know about it, I won’t be able to give him the same amount of trust and love again.

Relationships have some simple rules. We often crave for love, attention and care. If I see him doing the same for someone else, I won’t feel special at all. I will simply give up on the relationship and move on with my life.

’Forget and look forward’

-Dr Gaurav Deka (28), psychotherapist.

I have been in committed as well as open relationships. Both kinds of relationships have left me damaged and neither have lasted over six months. My personal experience says that it hurts but only for sometime.

When I cheated on my partner, I felt very guilty. I have realised that we don’t always take right decisions. It is better to forget the incident and look forward to better compatibility.

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‘A well-planned decision’

-Jumana Badar (26), research trainee.

Contrary to popular belief, cheating is not an accident or a mistake. It is a well-planned decision. If your partner doesn’t think twice before cheating on you, why should you?

If I love my partner more than anyone else, I expect the same from her. If I give her a second chance, who knows, there might be a third or even a fourth. Relationships are very emotional. If the foundation of your love isn’t strong, you can never be happy.

‘To err is human…’

-Mrinmayi Deshmukh* (23), student.

This happened to me a couple of years ago. I was living away from my partner and he hooked up with his old pal. He felt very bad about it later and confessed his mistake. This led to our break up. We didn’t speak for two years.

Few months back, we got back together. Both of us realised that cheating was just a bad incident. I think giving space and forgiving your partner is crucial in any relationship. Also see what works out best for you.

‘My biggest fear’

-Prathamesh Waswani* (32), entrepreuner.

My wife and I have a big social circle. My wife is dynamic, bold and very attractive. Every time I see people giving her extra attention at parties, I am jealous and insecure but I trust my partner. Being honest and open in a relationship doesn’t leave room for misunderstandings.

We have had thoughtful discussions on cheating and both of us are committed towards a loyal married life. If something of this sort happens, I would really leave the decision up to my partner. I will be unhappy and broken if she does something behind my back and I get to know about it from others.

*Names have been changed to protect identity.

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