Aunty flirting with me
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My aunt is flirting with me, help!

By Auntyji Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 10:54
Hi Auntyji, an aunt keeps dropping sexual hints at me. What should I do? Amit, 22, Kanpur.

Auntyji says, ‘Oye nahin oye, aunt is going to get you into too much trouble puttar, ik mint!’

Flattered and delighted

While I can understand how happy and even flattered you (or some of your friends) must be betaji as ‘older woman’ ki fantasy is so very common amongst people – young men largely. So you must feel so cool that she is making the moves, and not the other way round. What can be said more of experiencing a sense of manliness and even power? Aah haa. Who doesn’t like that?

Back to reality

Ok, now reality check. Yeh ‘aunt of mine’ is related to you? Like a mausi, chachi, maami type? Or just some aunty in the mohalla? See beta why I am asking is yadi she is a rishtedar, then the matter is even more complex because sau baat ki ek baat – sex within family and relations is a very bad idea. It causes too many, too complex problems.  

Till today, I may have heard many of such liaisons, but none of them has had a very ‘happy ending’ that I can recall of. Either someone gets to know or some blackmailing begins or some other tamasha starts.

To top that beta this family mein sex is also incest in one way, no? It’s a very tricky situation frankly. Maami ji and you have sex, maama gets to know, your maa gets to know and you get it from all quarters. The family gets involved. Oye hoye, big tamasha.

Who has the control

Ab if you and aunt decide to take the big risk, well then do remember – the sex may be fun but the risk is huge. I’ve told you above as well. Now let’s say for a minute you are able to decide that, ‘No, don’t want it!’ But by now your aunt has decided, ‘I want it.’ What are you going to do?

The temptation can be huge, you reciprocate. She is keen and she assures you, ‘main sab sambhaal lungi.’ Assurance from an older woman – you readily agree and here begins the downside of the upside!

Let me make it even more saaf saaf. You have a sister. Your uncle – say mausa ji makes a move on her, indulge her in sexual baatein – what will your reaction be? That time we won’t be discussing ‘should she should she not’ – right? You will at once go to your uncle – mausaji and he will be banned from your home.

How is your stithi different? No way will this be tolerated. Your sister too will be warned and alarmed against such predators. Bechari mausi will be messed up as well!

Rules apply

I have nothing against anyone having sex with an older woman or man as long as you are well aware what it entails and are able to keep it as equal as possible – as non-threatening – where there is no misuse of age and relationship. Unfortunately, all this gets very mixed up when relatives are involved.

So, I’d say phook phook ke kadam rakhna beta, phook phook ke. Maybe you need to take an aunty break – not yeh waali auntyji beta, woh wali!

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

This article was first published on September 13, 2018.

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