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A woman-only group by Love Matters

Welcome to Ladies Compartment - we are sure you must have heard this name! Yes, right; the special coach in a train that is just reserved for the ladies or women. So just like that, Love Matters India has launched a women-only Facebook and WhatsApp group, Let’s find out more about it and how to join it ( only if you are a female)!

What is ‘Ladies Compartment’? 

Love Matters, India’s top website on love, sex and relationships has launched a women’s only and invitation-only WhatsApp and Facebook group to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for women to seek information and get advice on sexual and reproductive health and healthy relationships. 

Who can join? 

If you are a woman and at least 18 years of age, you can join our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

What kinds of things can we discuss in the group?

When it comes to our bodies, sexual health and rights - there are tons of information women want to seek but are scared to ask online because they not only feel judged but also intimated by trolls, who do not miss a chance to send them friend requests the moment they post anything on a public platform. 

For all these issues, our groups are the answer. 

You can seek information related to your body ( eg: vaginal infections, how to keep the vagina clean, breasts size) sexual health ( eg: first-time sex, pain during sex, pregnancy, trying to conceive, STD/STI’s), reproductive health (eg: choice of contraceptive, abortion pills, fertility issues), relationships ( eg: dating, boyfriend/girlfriend issues, marital discords), love (eg: how to propose, love life, break-ups) sex (eg: female pleasure, masturbation)and even everyday life problems (how to get rid of my bad habits, how to feel positive). 

How do we ensure it’s women-only? 

Ladies Compartment is an invitation-only group. On both platforms ( Facebook and WhatsApp) members are added manually and only after proper verification. Members are added after it is confirmed over a phone call that the member request is from a woman only. 

This will ensure that the group remains exclusively for women to feel free and talk without shame and embarrassment. Additionally, Love Matters India will moderate each post to ensure the safety of its members. 

How is it different from other women-only groups? 

Apart from being strictly moderated and monitored by our team, Ladies Compartment will also offer expert solutions to women’s problems. Unlike other groups on Facebook where there is no expert to offer real-time solutions and most of the advice is given by the group members; we would ensure this does not happen in our group. 

Our team of experts leaves no questions or queries from the ladies unanswered and tries their best to revert to all the queries within 24 to 48 hours. 

How to join our WhatsApp broadcast list? 

To join our exclusive women-only group on WhatsApp, send ‘Hi, Ladies Compartment’ to +91 96500 41109. We will add you after verifying your number. 

How to join our Facebook group?

To join our Facebook group, click on this link and follow the instructions. We will add you to the group after verifying your details. 

How will I benefit from these groups? 

The women of the groups will benefit from the vast experience and expertise of Love Matters’s team. We are India’s leading digital Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information platform catering to the needs of young people. We have been providing open, honest, non-judgmental and science-based information on love, sex and relationships using innovative media formats since 2011.

Love Matters has a visitor base of over 20 million people. We have a 1.4 million strong family on Facebook making us the biggest SRHR page in India. We are also present on WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter with a combined audience of nearly 50,000. 

Love Matters also works on the ground and has a programme in Bihar. Love Matters has done workshops, events and training programmes across the country and focuses on the needs of young people between the ages of 18 to 30 years. Love Matters produces right-based, gender-sensitive and pan-sexual information on SRH issues to suit the needs of ALL young people. 

Apart from Ladies Compartment, we also run a 24X7 online helpline on all things love, sex and relationship called Let’s Talk, which is open to both men and women! At Let’s Talk users can post their questions, doubts or queries in Hindi and English language and our sexperts (experts on sex education) get back to them with a solution within 24 to 48 hours. 

Ladies Compartment is our second initiative in this regard to provide a safe space on the internet and remove all barriers that prevent them from seeking sexual and reproductive health-related information online.

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