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Is there a right age to fall in love?

By Auntyji Tuesday, July 28, 2015 - 10:35
Auntyji, I have been thinking about this woman day and night. I think I am in love with her. But I don’t know if I am old enough to fall in love. Anshul, New Delhi.

Auntyji says…And you are such a chalu boy, you have not mentioned your age here. Maybe not to influence your Auntyji. Yeh to bada clever boy nikla. Ok, beta let’s talk.

Very honestly speaking, when do we fall in love? Is this feeling really love? What is love after all? And now that I am in love, what should I do? So many questions doing a rain dance in your head, hain na beta? And equally difficult are the responses to these.

Very tough. Who can say? Only you, who is experiencing it. Are you “qualified” to be in love? Well beta, I will say, yes we all are at anytime, at every time, age no bar.

Age no bar

Beta Anshul, are you smart (not old) enough to understand what being in love means? Have you been in a relationship before? Are you sure you will be able to handle emotions and equally the responsibilities that come with it? Do you feel ready to be in a relationship and be responsible to and for another person?  Have you thought about all kinds of odd things that may come your way? Your age, hers, your pals and office folks (do you work)?

Here, as an example, are a few things you may want to think about. You have used the word woman here, so is she much older than you? It is not so easy to maintain an older woman – younger man relationship, it is often looked upon very differently, even with a very “judgy” eye and all eyes on her! So keep this in mind. This is but an example. You may have to face issues of caste, colour, finances... get ready!

Sex, baar baar?

Then the big one, is this love or sexual attraction? Are you keen on a relationship or is it sex that you are aiming at and, by the way, both are equally fine with. This is just for you to be clear beta, so that you are not up for any unpleasant surprises and nor is she in some state of denial or shock, samjhe beta?

You find her sexy and appealing does not have to be confused with love, that may or never happen. In the meanwhile if and only if she is willing, can you go ahead. Please be above the age of 18 beta and she too for sure.

Phir aa gaye, finances. Money can be a real deal breaker, Anshul. Do you feel ready to be able to handle that aspect – that neither of you is “dependent” on the other? Aisa toh nahin ki it turns out to be a relationship based on comfort more than love? Just keep in mind.

Date at the bar

Beta, I will stop here, there is a lot for you to think about and decide. If you keep thinking of her, wanting to be with her, please be prepared she may have the exact same feelings and equally the exact opposite! What have you planned for that possibility? Are you going down the, “I will KILL myself for you, and I will do it in public“ route or are you ready for a heartbreak? And maybe a long wait before she decides, which again can go either ways... Beta just prep yourself for all these eventualities!

As for love, “Love it, live It!” Go tell her, once you are convinced and in private! Better my dear, to have lost in love than never to have loved at all, but once again, apna khyaal rakhna!

To protect the author’s privacy, the person in the picture is a model.

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