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In love with my Bhabhi – what should I do?

By Auntyji Sunday, May 7, 2017 - 11:38
Auntyji, my brother got married two years ago and now I am totally mad about my sister-in-law. I think she likes me too. What should I do? I am so nervous. Sam (23), Ajmer.

Auntyji saysSam beta – wait a minute! We need a little bit of thand from you on this. Thoda cool it and listen…

Step back

Take a deep breath, I would say. This rush of love is perhaps a little misleading. Your sister-in-law must be as young as you too. She is your new girl-friend and not to be mistaken with your girlfriend!

Beta, she has come into your family and trying to make a place for herself, in your family not in your life independently. Take a step back and review the situation.

Proximity is not love

First, tell me something puttar. What makes you think she likes you? Did she say that? Did she do something? Is she even aware of your feelings? Do not just make these assumptions puttar.

I am assuming you guys get along well. You might even hang out often and indulge in some traditional devar – bhabhi teasing and banter. A sexual tension is bound to build up – its ever so common.

Beta Sam, don’t consider your proximity, your hang outs, your baat cheet moments as lifelong love. Most probably, it’s just a new compatibility, a quick dosti and a sudden splurge of sexual chemistry for you.

She too is finding it easy to be with you. She has found a friend in a sea of strangers. Is that not such a big help? To top it all, her new husband has his duties and she finds that companion in who is available – you.

Betaji, sex and mohabbat – within the family can sometimes really be Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

It’s complicated

Sadiyoun se we have heard, even in films and songs about dewar-bhabhi relationships, isn’t it? Do they happen – perhaps yes. Are they allowed? Within a boundary and a limit, yes. If it gets more than that – beta, it’s going to get very messy – very difficult. Can you not see that coming?

Let’s see it the other way. Assuming she has something for you too. You guys fall in love and go crazy about each other but before you know it, your family will get to know. Who do you think will be blamed? Who do you think will be totally rejected?

Your own family may send her back or tell her parents. They might even create trouble for her. Do you want to take such a risk? What about your brother? Will you be able to look at your brother in the eye ever?

Do you realise what your relationship with your bhabhi may mean to him? Your family? Conveniently your bhabhiji will get a bad name – that she patoed her dewar. Is that even fair?

Not this time

Sorry Sam. I can’t be more supportive to you than this. From wherever I see, it has NO ENTRY written all over it. Get a control over yourself and in case she too has these feelings, help her do the same.

Be good friends but stop at that. Go away for a few days and let her settle down. You too try to settle your emotions elsewhere puttarji.

Thand rakh puttar, before there’s a raging fire!

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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