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How to be sexy this year?

By Auntyji Tuesday, December 22, 2020 - 12:40
Hi Aunty ji, what’s your new year resolution and what’s your advice for all your fans? Mahesh, 21, Madurai

Auntyji says, ‘Arre beta, I tell you resolutions are very badnaam – you know, bad name – infamous’!

To make or break

You know what they say for resolutions? They last only for the first 25 days of the month. The 26th of January better be named ‘Drop All Resolutions Day’, instead of Republic Day, I think.

Beta I make resolutions each year. Last year I had thought that I’ll buy a jar and every week I’ll put one little note in it on what made me happy that week, what act of kindness did I do etc. And then at the year end, I will have 52 acts of kindness documented. How happy that will make me!

Beta I have 2 – not 52 and that jar has a money plant in it! Batao beta. I am not the only one – it seems to be a highly contagious habit. So Mahesh puttar, I have decided that next year’s resolution is to not break any resolutions.

Healthy is the new sexy!

Achcha sabse pehle, I have decided that I must be healthy, fit and strong. I must exercise and maintain a regime! You too can join me puttar. You can have your own checklist of how healthy you are, how healthy your sex life is, how healthy your relationship is. What do you think beta Mahesh?  

You can also do so by ensuring you have access to information on sex and body – that you are not shy of asking for safer sex and equally, being cool enough to offer it as well.

Beta ji, healthy is the new sexy. Mark your Auntyji's words.

Find your facts and fiction

Then, my resolution is also to meet you all more, to talk to you all more – in new and smart avatars so that we all can be closer and you can fall back on your Aunty Bubbli. I will also want you to make good choices and decisions for yourself, quick and strong.

My big plan is to encourage you to write here and ask questions on our website, our Discussion Board or Facebook. My resolution is to make more and more information available to you and your friends – in a funny, snazzy and yet factual manner.

Aim small and deliver big beta – is Bubbli’s motto. Achha, now my resolution is done.

But you must have many more – so what are they? Zyada sex? Ok, I am with you but soch samjh ke – some smart choices need safety! Please don’t follow my jar idea for this – putting names of all those you have been intimate with! If your mummy sees that jar she may think they are all your best pals and call them for your next birthday – O’ teri ki!

Happy New Year – my dears!

Now, what about zyada respect, zyada humility, zyada tolerance – towards everyone, irrespective of caste, colour, gender, status. Let’s all make a promise to keep that resolution – you know what they say for resolutions – they last longer if someone joins you.

Lets all of us join and make this a year of love, kindness, sweetness, and peace and great sexual health – for you and for me and the entire human race. Let's keep a jar - fill it with notes to myself – of each time you and I and everyone reading this – did that one random act of love and kindness – give yourself a star.

And by the time new year dawns on us – LM users and readers will welcome it with a million shining, beautiful stars – which will then again light up another new year for us. Happy New Year to you beta – to all of you. Keep smiling, keep shining and definitely, be sexy!

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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