COVID-19 and future
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COVID-19 and future - Answers to your questions

Love Matters India organised five youth consultations across the country on the Coronavirus Pandemic. In these consultations, concerns and challenges caused by the pandemic were discussed with college students. Lockdown, school/college closures, illness in the family, financial difficulties and vaccine hesitancy featured in the discussion. Love Matters also compiled a list of questions young people had on their minds with regard to the pandemic. On this page, we are publishing answers to the questions asked during the consultations about the COVID-19 vaccine.

I have heard that 2021 passouts students cannot apply for jobs, is that correct?

No, these are just rumours. There is no such mandate. Anyone can apply for jobs if they qualify. 

Will Corona ever end?

It is very difficult to predict a date or time for this right now.. The only way to end Corona is when everyone gets vaccinated. So please make sure you get vaccinated as soon as possible.

When will our life be normal like before?

It is very difficult to predict a date or time for this right now. As and when, most people in India get vaccinated, the spread of Corona will be controlled, restrictions can then be lifted and life will gradually come to normal. In order for life to return to normal, it is very important for each person to get vaccinated and wear masks, avoid large gatherings and maintain good hygiene. All these steps will help control the infection spread, which is the most important thing for our lives to return to normal.

The breadwinner in the family is dead, so will the government do anything or will they be compensated?

In May, 2021, the government announced welfare measures, including a pension to those families who have lost their earning members due to Covid-19. In addition to the measures announced under PM CARES for Children- Empowerment of Covid affected children, the government has announced further measures to help families who have lost the earning member due to Covid. 

The benefit of the Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) pension scheme for employment related death cases is being extended to even those who have died due to Covid. Dependent family members of such persons will be entitled to the benefit of pension equivalent to 90 per cent of average daily wage drawn by the worker as per the existing norms. This benefit will be available retrospectively with effect from March 24, 2020 and for all such cases till March 24, 2022.

This corona has destroyed everyone's future, so what will happen now?

Time is a big healer. We all have a great, inherent ability to fight the situation and bounce back from all the adversity. First and foremost, take care of your health and the health of your loved ones. Get yourself and your family vaccinated. Once we are all safe after the vaccination, the situation will stabilise, our economy will also bounce back and it will be possible to find a job/work and get our lives back on track. So it is very important that each and every one of us gets vaccinated.

How long will this go on and for how long will we be sitting at home?

As more and more people in India get vaccinated, the spread of Corona will come under control and life will slowly come to normal.

When this Covid-19 is over how will we be compensated for the loss of 2 years? Will the government be able to do anything about our future?

Jaan hai to jahan hai - aapne suna to hoga? You must have heard this. The Coronavirus pandemic has taught us one important thing - health is wealth. If you have good health, you are disease free, you can do anything in this life. So many people have lost their lives and loved ones in this pandemic. We should be thankful to the almighty that we all are here, talking to each other, and surviving this pandemic. These two years have been undoubtedly tough but hope sustains life. We are hopeful and determined that we will rise and shine again. 

Take all the learnings that you gained from these last two years - about valuing your family, health, loved ones and surviving on the bare minimum and consider it as a valuable experience rather than thinking it as years getting wasted.

As far as the government's compensation goes, there are many such schemes available for the people who suffered losses during this pandemic.

The government has many schemes such as Saksham Yuva Yojna, which enables any person above 18 to choose the skill in which he or she wants to learn and develop to get an employment opportunity or either take up a self-employment plan. It also provides all of the eligible applicants with an unemployment allowance amount and honorarium. 

Another such scheme by the government is the Prime Minister Employment Generation Program where any individual, above 18 years of age and at least VIII standard pass can apply for projects costing above Rs.10 lakh in the manufacturing sector and above Rs. 5 lakh in the business / service sector.

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