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Virginity: Myths Busted

Can you tell if a girl is a virgin? Does first time sex hurt? Find these answers and more in this edition of Myth Buster.
  1. You can tell if a girl is a virgin Not even an experienced doctor can claim if a girl is a virgin by looking at her hymen or vagina. A lot of women are born without a hymen and many tear their hymen when play sports like cycling or horse riding. So the presence or absence of a hymen isn’t always the cue to a woman's virginty.
  2. First time sex always hurts If a girl is relaxed and sexually aroused, sex for the first time doesn’t necessarily hurt. If you’re very tense, the vagina can stay dry or tighten up. This increases the chance of the hymen tearing and intercourse being painful. But if you both take your time, it doesn’t need to hurt.
  3. All women bleed for the first time Research has shown that a lot of girls don’t bleed the first time. For one thing, your hymen might have been stretched by using tampons or doing sport like horse riding. You might have a very thin or stretchy hymen, or have been born without a hymen at all. Watch this short, snappy video for deeper insights into hymen and virginity:
  • You can’t get pregnant during the first time You can get pregnant when you have sex for the first time. Do use condoms and another form of birth control to be doubly sure that you don’t risk pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease from your partner.
  • You can’t get STDs with a virgin Yes, it is possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease when you have sex for the first time with a virgin partner. A lot of people who say they’re virgins have had oral or anal sex. Oral and anal sex can expose you to sexually transmitted diseases. Secondly, there are some sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed on to you without any sexual contact. For instance, you could carry HIV from your mother or contract oral herpes by casual contact. Also injection drug use can pass on sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Sex with a virgin can cure AIDS Having sex with a virgin doesn’t cure the infected person of HIV/AIDS. Of course, what can happen is the virgin gets infected with the virus too.





This article was first published on 25th May, 2013.

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My girlfriend dose sex with her ex. So manytimes.. and Now we are doing sex since last six months as we were started our relation.. is there any possibility of my girlfriend can affect from HIV and how HIV attacks a human..
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