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Sexless relationships: Myth buster

By Stephanie Haase Friday, April 8, 2016 - 22:37
If you haven’t had sex with your partner in months or even years, you may be in a sexless relationship. Read up on all the myths here!
  1. Couples in sexless marriages never have sex
    It can be tough to pin-point what exactly is defined as a sexless relationship. Some experts say it’s less than 10 times a year. Some sexless couples would consider themselves lucky with 10 times a year! So it really depends on the couple to figure out if their relationship is sexless or not.
  2. There is no intimacy
    Not having sex doesn’t mean there is no intimacy in a relationship anymore. A couple can still cuddle, kiss, hold hands, sleep next to each other. Not having sex doesn’t mean you have stopped caring for and/or loving each other.

  3. It only happens to long-term couples
    This doesn’t only happen after decades of marriage or just to older people. People are in relationships for different reasons. Great sex isn’t always one of them. A couple may or may not have had satisfying sex in the beginning of their relationship. Or over the years, sex may also have become a secondary or tertiary priority.


  4. It’s mostly women who have low libido
    Myth. The truth is, it’s rarely one person’s fault that sex isn’t happening in a relationship. It’s normal for partners to have different libidos. However, women are not always the reason for no sex.


  5. One of the partners must be cheating
    It’s easy to assume that if a couple isn’t having sex, one of them must be getting their needs met elsewhere. That’s definitely not the case. However, there is a risk of a partner cheating if the issues of sexless marriage aren’t addressed openly.

  6. A sexless relationship doesn’t equal to a failed relationship
    We are made to believe a good relationship or marriage means wild and passionate sex all the time. That’s not the reality of most relationships though. But it does mean that couples in sexless marriages often feel like they have failed. That’s not true though. You can still have a loving, caring relationship without sex.


  7. Getting sexual desire back is virtually impossible
    Thankfully, that’s also a myth. Usually, there is an underlying cause for lack of sex. Stress, medical problems, pregnancy or other relationship issues. If you can work through those issues as a couple and overcome them, you might end up with a stronger and healthier relationship in the end.

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