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When I learnt the trick to orgasm

Megha had no idea how women get to an orgasm. She turned to her friend Vinita who taught her the 'touchy touchy'. Megha tells Love Matters' writer Arpit Chikkara how she learnt to 'help herself' with the new trick and a dose of sexy imagination!

*Megha, 20, is a student. 

Screaming and moaning

I never understood how actresses start screaming and moaning after an act of sex in the movies. What do women have to do to get to such a state of pleasure! Well in the film they are just acting, but there must be something that helps one in real life. It was only when *Vinita, my classmate in college, told me about 'touchy touchy' that I gave a thought of trying it myself.

So I began stroking the insides of my vagina, reaching up to my clitoris. But I found myself rubbing and rubbing for 20 minutes – my fingers and forearms tired but nothing happened. I was hoping for at least one loud moan which never came.

Next day Vinita asked me to try fingering and avoid stimulating the clitoris. In one week, I discovered there were two ways of 'touchy touchy', inserting the finger into the vaginal hole or massaging the clitoris.

Busy down under

I tried the former and it worked. But unlike what I had seen in movies, my orgasm that day lacked any sound. For that matter, I have never had any kind of moany orgasm. It is silent and only lasts for two or three seconds wherein my breath is lost and my thighs tightly wrap around my privates as if they’re trying to hug each other.

Vinita told me different things work for different women. She also advised me to watch porn for masturbating, but it is hard to concentrate on my body when I have a phone in my left hand while the right one is busy down under.

Moreover, living in a home where I have a homemaker mother in an adjacent room and a younger brother in another, I don’t have the time and privacy available to watch porn, forget about masturbating with it.

Help yourself

I satisfy my physical urges when I bathe and after doing it for more than six months, my time to reach orgasm has now reduced from ten minutes to three or four. Vinita does it in her hostel room on her bed after plugging in her earphones because she lives alone.

One day I took my phone to the toilet to watch porn, but it was way less engaging than my own imagination. I love to picture myself having sex with someone who doesn’t know about my intentions. It is so much fun.

It’s been an amazing past few months since I tried the 'touchy touchy'. We have a message in our college canteen “Help Yourself” and when I applied that to my genitals, I felt this amazing sense of power where my pleasure is on my fingertips. Whenever Vinita and I look at that board, we laugh at each other and say 'touchy touchy' with a wink.

To protect identity, names have been changed and the person in the picture is a model. 

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