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My girlfriend’s vagina is too dark

By Auntyji Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 02:08
Hello Auntyji, I have a problem. My girlfriend is very nice. She is also really pretty and fair-complexioned. But her vagina is too dark. This repels me and so I don't enjoy sex. What should I do? Jolly, 23 Ahemdabad.

Auntyji says... Oye hoye, perhaps we should be calling the electricity department – to put a tubelight in there, hain?

Unfair expectations

Puttar, aye ve koi gall hui? You love her – you say – and now the color of her vagina is your problem?  So help me here – you saw her, met her, hung around with her, grew to love and care for her – she too in return. And all this while you were thinking – she is so fair and so must her vagina be? Nahin na? You fell for her because you liked her – not because she came packed in a bleach box. When you meet or are attracted to someone, are you doing a mental moolyankanladki gori hai so her 'other parts' must be fair too – and then go ahead with ishq vishq?

Color imperfect

What's this obsession with color – especially in our part of the world! We are a race of dark complexioned people – even if some of us look fair – we are dark – in contrast to people from other countries –  right? So what? In our own country – our color card varies – hugely. I say it does so even within a family –  so what's the big deal? We must get over it – really! Waise toh we are all praises about our diversity – anekta mein ekta – but when it comes to choosing a partner, are we going to have vagina hues? Is this going to be the new selection criteria now? 'Homely girl wanted – only fair vaginas need apply!’ Seriously?

DIY – do it yourself - first

Now your problem is the vagina – dark as it may be – is not doing it for you! Ok fine! People have their own preferences – yours is a fair one down there! But beta if you really want to invest in this relationship – you have to accept it in a package deal. Everything about her ought to be beautiful and sexy to you – of course you can talk about habits, attitudes and stuff like that – but you cannot expect her to change the color of her body part… why should she? Can you? Can you pick up that box of bleach, mix the ammonia, bubble up the paste and apply it on your penis to make it just a shade lighter? For her sexual pleasure? How about the hair on your butt – could you bleach that too? Nahin na beta – so then drop this expectation from her as well.

Let your love light up

Vaginas and penises, underarms, thighs, butts – can be darker than the rest of your body – that's because of the pigmentation in our skin. That's it. Things are not always how you see them in porn or blue films. Like I say – blue films are no encyclopedia on sex – so let's not depend on those for sahi jaankari! It's your relationship and togetherness that ought to be lighting up bulbs for you both – not setting up an electric plant to shed light – down there! You aren't going to carry a headlight to shine down there, are you? So light up your own love life – give her and her vagina the respect they deserve and switch off the colour bar obsession.

For maintaining the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model. This article was first published on 2017-06-08. 

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That's a terrible idea. Trying to lighten naturally dark skin with fairness creams can cause unnecessary irritation. If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
Clitorus ek kamottejak ang hain...ise sehlane ya lick karne par aisa hona natural hain. Uttejna hone par paani niklna yeh toh bahut common see baat hai. Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare discussion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
Sagar beta, take a chill pill! For sex, both partner's consent is mandatory. If she doesn't want to do it, do not do anything and wait until she willingly consents. Coercion(force) is not acceptable in any relationship. If you can't make your peace with that, maybe you should re-evaluate your relationship. If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, "Just Ask”
My gf pussy s too wetty all the time . I want to lick her but sometimes i feel disgusting in bw but she enjoys . Wat should i do so it too makes me happy ?
Rohan bete, wetness of the vagina is increased when a woman is turned on. Isn't it a sorta compliment that your partner is turned on by you? As for oral, it depends on you. If she consents and you are willing, go ahead. It is advised to use a dental dam. If you don't want to, don't feel pressured into doing it. If you would like to join in on a further discussion on this topic, join our discussion board, ‘Just Ask’
Fri, 12/22/2017 - 12:08
The part for which you are concerned about and the colour of it distracts you is just because of high "pigmentation". And I am damn sure you must be having "whitest part" there as you must not be an indian. Grow up my friend, such an silly excuse....??
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