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My breasts are too big!

By Auntyji Tuesday, July 12, 2016 - 22:30
Auntyji, my breasts are too huge. I can’t handle all the attention they get. I also can’t wear what I like. Is surgery the only option? Hadia (23), Secunderabad.

Auntyji says… Hey Hadia! You know this is a very ‘neighbours’ envy, owner’s nightmare’ situation. Now let’s see what options you have apart from surgery?

Well padded

So Hadia, dekho puttar, jiske paas hai usse chahiye nahin. I can think of so many girls who want just a ‘little bit more padding’. In fact do you know, the other day, I went to a well-known tailor in my area. One aunty there – arre not my sassy type – the behenji type was asking the tailor to fix her blouse so that it fits her properly. She was constantly shouting, “Hore padding pao, masterji.” Masterji said, “Tuhanu lode nahin pehnnji.” She didn’t stop. She kept yelling, “Hore pao! Hore pao!” Now you tell me beta Hadia, ki kitta jaaye.

See you coming

Hadia, I know big busty girls get noticed very easily – for one and only reason – their stash. I can also understand that’s not how anyone wants to get noticed. It’s like ‘here THEY come’ and they (the breasts) get noticed in the room before you. Nahin nahin!

Beta, you are not alone on this planet to receive this kind of extra attention. I have seen girls with big breasts almost everywhere. They may be in your office, in your college, in your gym or at the next wedding you attend. Does it make you an odd wo-man out, haan? 

To you, it might seem like everyone's focus is gravitating towards one place and point. But you've got to learn to ignore it and love and accept your body. Just few weeks ago, I met a girl complaining about not fitting in the 'right' size. Who the hell decides what's the right size? Being sad about your own body will make you lose all your self-confidence, beta. Aren't you feeling sad about that?

Style it up

So now, what are we going to do about it? Surgery – hmm… yes, okay. But keep it as your last effort. Only if you are really very Double D! Otherwise let’s look for ways? Well, to start with, there are plenty. Here we go!

First, get fitted! For a smart bra. Yep! You read it right. Get your right fit that makes you look and feel more comfortable.

Think comfortable, not sexy – not yet at least. Key line? Flatter not flatten.

Next, wear complimentary clothes. Choose outfits and tops that are trendy and colours that flatter your size. By the way, many of them are super sexy and savvy – not big and baggy. They won’t make you feel and look like you have something to hide.

Lose some

Now comes a bit of a fifty–fifty. You know what? Many women ask me, how can I make my breasts bigger? Or do breasts become bigger after having sex or after marriage? The answer doesn’t lie in marriage or the insinuation of sex. It could be that you’ve gained weight after marriage. You just eat more, exercise less or only sex-ercise. You become a bit rotund and so do your breasts.

So in order to knock off some weight from your trusted pals, knock off a few kgs and see them going downsize too. Clothes will fit better and you will feel the same.

Got it, flaunt it

Beta Hadia, many women would give away their yearly income to get what you have already. Love your body beta. Love what you have been blessed with. Stop the slouch that so many busty chicas develop. Square your shoulders and pick up your stance. Add that attitude and for the next guy or gal who looks at your breasts before they look into your eyes, just say, “You hoomein wahan nahin, ek foot oopar hoonmein yahan hoon yahan hoon yahaannnnn!”

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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