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10 things you need to know about her body

Do breasts have to be the same size? What's a clitoris and where is it located? Answers to all these questions and more in this informative stop motion video...

Top ten facts about a woman's body:

  1. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes
    Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Nipples also vary a lot, both in size and colour. Your breasts – their shape and size – are determined by your genes. The shape is also influenced by the surrounding muscles.

  2. Breasts can vary from each other in shape and size.
    Often breasts are uneven in size or shape. Around the age of 20, the difference often begins to even out. The size of your breasts can depend on the time of the month, and may also be affected by hormonal contraceptives.

  3. Breasts are an erogenous zone. So pay attention to the breasts during foreplay.
    Some people can achieve orgasm through breast or nipple stimulation. The size or shape of your breasts has nothing to do with their sensitivity: small breasts are just as sensitive as big ones.

  4. Yes, women have hair on their bodies.
    It is normal for women to have facial and body hair. Almost all girls have some hair on their breasts from very light, fine fuzz to stray hairs near their nipple region or in-between the breasts. Women also have pubic hair around their vagina.


  • Vulvas also come in all kinds of packages. 
    All vulvas are unique and come in different shapes, sizes and colours. It is also perfectly okay to have a particular smell around your vulva.

  • The clitoris has the most nerve endings on the body. It’s only job is pleasure.
    For many women, their clitoris is the most sensitive and sexually pleasurable part of their body to touch. But for some their clitoris may not be as sensitive or too sensitive to touch.

  • Some women have thick hymens, some thin and some none at all. So hymen doesn't say anything about virginity.
    Hymens can come in different shapes, sizes, and thickness. The differences in thickness means that some womens' hymens may be very thin and they may not notice any tearing or bleeding during sex. Other women may have thicker hymens, and may see blood the first time they have sex.

  • When she’s aroused, the vagina gets wet.
    When you get sexually aroused, your vagina becomes wetter and relaxes. This allows you to fit a finger or penis into the vagina. Because the vagina is a muscle, it can tense up or relax, and you can have some control over it.

  • Some scientists say there’s a G-spot, on the inner wall of the vagina. It can give her amazing orgasms.
    Some women have a G-spot. It’s an area the size of a coin, three to five centimetres inside the vagina, on the front wall. It can be stimulated by fingering or in some positions during intercourse.

  • Last, but not the least -- The anus! The anus is erogenous. She can have orgasms through anal sex.
    It can feel good to have your anus stroked. It can also feel good to have a finger inside your anus. Anus is close to the sex organs, has a lot of nerve endings and contracts when you have an orgasm. This is why anal sex feels good.



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