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What is a couple swap?

By Auntyji Friday, September 21, 2018 - 14:22
Hi Auntyji, what is a couple swap? I am wondering if I should suggest it to my wife to spice up things? Vishal, 32, Muradabad

Auntyji says, ‘Oh ho – old wine in new bottles beta ji – let's see what happens’.

Facts first

So beta – the first question, what is a couple swap? Bhai couple swap comes in many shapes and sizes. Roughly speaking, its a partner exchange program. Work partners nahin, personal partners.

It’s not like marketing ke Anmol sir goes to sales and sales ki Harpreet, comes to finance. Though it is quite similar.

Partners in a relationship, say lovers, boy/girlfriends, married folks, anyone, who is in a relationship, now has sex with someone else’s partner – and their partner has sex with you. Bas – aapki wife with someone’s (I guess) husband and aap with his wife.  Swap = exchange. You take mine, I take yours, for a while.

Can be yo-yo

Now, this is known to go either way – really sexy and spicy or totally off its head. Your wife likes it more with the other guy, you don’t like it as much and want to end it. She doesn’t. Then?

You want to try another couple, she says no, yeh Singh sahab is ok and now, she wants to have a threesome or say group sex, or you want one.. then? What will happen?

Ek hor gall, she decides, she prefers the swapped partner to real partner, i.e you – then? You are in trouble then.

Or she is so upset and assumes she is not sexually enough for you or you are bored of her – rona dhona starts. Or she says you are torturing her – tells everyone, your ‘gande vichaar’.

So all these scenarios, you must have a well thought out plan, beta Vishal. But it can go just the other way. She does agree and says yes.

Sehamti, consent, my dear, is the key. If she agrees – you are good to go. If she does not – you back off – pretty simple.

Double trouble

So the selection of partners is crucial. There have to be unwritten rules of sorts. Like condoms are a must. Certain sex acts, if they are off the table, then off they go. If not, fine – say it clearly. The other couple must be ‘checked out’ beforehand.

Meet them, talk a bit, get to know each other, lay the rules on the table. Here is the one we keep hearing. Can the two swapped partners meet and have sex – on their own – say as and when they want to? You go on a tour, she calls him over – Ok?

Similarly, for you – will wife be OK? Clarify all this. Whose house? More than one person may be there, then? So go through all these and more with each other and then when you do, meet the person you are negotiating with.

Partners first

Long story short – it’s not easy and needs a lot of planning and care – bas. Most crucially, it needs total trust and a full ‘buy-in’ from all the partners. Neither can you ever throw this in each other’s face that ‘you made me have sex with a third person’, or ‘you wanted to have more and raunchy sex'.

Protect your relationship from all these onslaughts – and only then venture. Be cautious. How the wife will react, we cannot say – you know her more than anyone else.  So decide accordingly.

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

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