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Top tips to find love in 2019

By Sarah Wednesday, December 26, 2018 - 11:19
If you’re on a mission to find love, science has a few hacks or love tips for you. Here’s to a happy and romantic 2019!

If you’re like most people love, and romance are pretty high up on your list of priorities. Who doesn’t want to be in a happy, healthy relationship? We are sure you don't mind some love tips!

But it’s one thing to want this and resolve to make it a reality in the new year and another altogether to know how to stick to your romantic resolution. That’s why researcher Jeremy Nicholson, an expert on all matters dating and romance, put together a list of top love tips for singletons looking for love and those with partners who want to improve their relationships.

Singletons looking for love

If you’re on a mission to find love, make it a priority to get out there and meet more people. After all, the more guys or gals you get to know, the better your chance of finding love. That’s why Nicholson’s first tip is to be more social in the new year. Whether it’s hanging out with friends more (most happy couples meet through a friend in common) or signing up for online dating, getting social is where it’s at.

Next love tip is working on attractiveness. Now, this isn’t only a question of looks. Though physical appearance does of course matter, it’s healthiness – not great abs or an hourglass figure – that’s most attractive. This means that personal grooming, being in a good shape, and wearing clothes that show off your best features go a long way. And the good news is that these are all things you can work on.

So too are the ways you chat a girl or guy up. Cheerful and friendly personalities are definitely attractive. And people who are successful at finding mates often develop something positive and unique to share – like an interest or topic of conversation that sets them apart from others. That, and they’re able to chat in a way that creates a connection and intimacy. And they know how to spark sexual or physical interest in another person.

Know what you want in romance is Nicholson’s final tip for singletons. He suggests you ask yourself some questions: What characteristics are important to you in a partner? What can you compromise on? Do you have any deal-breakers? Once you’re clear about what you’re looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend it’ll be easier to know when you’ve met someone you’d like to be with.

Love tips for Improving your relationship

If your mission is to work on your relationship, being grateful and appreciative of your partner – and making sure they know it – can go a long way. How to go about this, you ask? Try to come up with ways, whether they’re actions, words, or gifts, to show your boyfriend or girlfriend how you feel.

Passion is pretty much a sure-fire way to improve your relationship in the new year. More sensual touching, more heated kissing and more loving eye contact are all in order, says Nicholson. Another great way to spark the passion is by doing new things together as a couple.

Finally, being more considerate of your partner could make a major difference. Minor arguments, conflicts over ways of doing things, and annoying habits are a part of just about every relationship. That’s why taking a step back, thinking about your partner, listening to him or her, and talking openly about problems can go a long way towards keeping your romantic resolution in 2019.

Reference: 6 Relationship Resolutions for the New Year, Psychology Today. 2017.

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