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Should I control my girlfriend’s life?

By Auntyji Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - 20:08
My girlfriend is very successful and bold but my friends ask me to keep her in control. What should I do? Tirath Singh (22), Abohar.

Auntyji says… Arre wah wah wah, what wonderful friends you have Tirath Singh! Yeh hui na mardon wali gull.

Who-where-what and why?

Oye Tirath puttar, what is the confusion exactly? You love your bold and successful girlfriend but your pals don’t, right? They think you should love her differently. Oye woh kaun hain? Shareholder?

Read this sentence once again. She is your girlfriend and they will tell you how you should love her or run your relationship? Is this not confusing to you, Tirath?

Dasso jee? Puttar, sab toh pehlaan, get your priorities straight. Girlfriend kiski? So decision kiska? Now once done with your decision, tell your brothers in arms, chup oye!

Rough ride

Betaji, actually it’s not easy to be in love with a successful, superstar sort of a girl. It is in fact rather difficult. Bada mushkil lavz use karoon toh it can be what we call ‘emasculating’. It means making the man feel less of a man.

Do you consider her the boss of your relationship? As if she is the protagonist and you have a guest appearance. Mushkil toh hai. That’s also where the problem starts. Why does any relationship need a boss? Why does any relationship need a dictator, in any form, shape, size or gender? Usse relationship nahin kehtey, jail kehtey hain, oye!

Going a bit green?

So Tirath, hunn gall aye hai ki you may be feeling a bit overpowered by her. But she is what she is. What you need to do is sit down and think. Will you be able to manage her general attitude and behaviour? If yes, then that’s a big salaam to you Tirath.

Enjoy her strength, enjoy her success, help her grow and give her freedom and solidarity.

Now you begin to enjoy it. Relax. Enjoy her strength, enjoy her success, help her grow and give her freedom and solidarity. Be the wind beneath her wings and as I always say, find glee and happiness in her happiness and success. This goes for anyone in any sort of relationship. Quit the quiet envy that may be lurking somewhere.

A different route

Let’s say the lady is too much for you to digest. Hondaa hai kadi kadi. We become very different people even when we are together and sometimes it doesn’t work so well. You can definitely have a chat and explain how you are feeling. Perhaps you can take a small break, both of you? Sort yourself out a bit and see what you want out of a relationship.

Hail boyfriend!

Ab waapis to your yaar and dost! Control her? What do you think they mean by that? Ki ek addh thappad? By controlling, do they mean stopping her from doing what she does, not letting her wear what she wants to, not let her go where she likes or not letting her talk to men?

Will that make her a better girlfriend? For you? Will your friends decide that for you? Na beta, that’s between you and her. In fact, it is her choice to do whatever she wants. You should only support her wherever you can. Controlling her will not solve your crisis, if there is any.

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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